Chapter 13

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We packed up our things ready to go home I sat on kyle's bed thinking about the last two days how everything Had gone so quickly Jessie had already gone downstairs to talk to Josh and there was a knock on the bedroom door it was Kyle he walked in and came and sat next to me, he clutched my hand in his. "what you doing next Saturday " Kyle asked me, " nothing probably why what's the occasion"
"I was just going to offer to take you out for dinner then go and see a movie or something if your in to it" he said he sounded like he was ready for me to say no
"Yeah that sounds like a plan, it's a date , of that's what you want to call it" I said blushing
" Yeah okay " and he kissed me, I felt a shiver down my spine.
I collected my things and I was walking out the door Kyle caught my hand and pulled me close into a hug I looked into his eyes and kissed his soft pink lips. I turned around to see if Jessie was ready to go but her and Josh seemed quite happy snogging each other's faces off.
" Uh hu Jess the taxis waiting and I'm sure you can stick your tongues down each other's throat another time" I said shaking my head at her.
" Yeah bye baby text me" she said giving Josh a wink as we walked out the door. For it felt awful k owing I wasn't going to see him till Saturday, even though it was only five days away it felt like years.
On the ride home I sat listening to my music and flicking through the pictures that me and Kyle had taken the night before and set my favourite one as my screen saver.

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