Recap: "We choose...." said Calum

"Those two" said Calum pointing at us. I looked down to Courtney who was smiling at me "You sure you want those rats? Isn't there anyone else that you want?" said Mrs Garrett "No" said Calum "Alright both of you gather your shit" said Mrs Garrett, we raced upstairs and packed our stuff "Yes! We get adopted" said Courtney, I laughed at my adorable sister and we finished packing "goodbye Mrs Garrett I won't be seeing you again" I said to myself and I found Calum "Hey girls you ready?" He asked I nodded and Ashton picked up our bags and I picked up Courtney "Christina I'm a big girl I can walk" said Courtney "All right" I said "Alright Christina, Courtney your taking Michaels last name" said Ashton, I nodded and said "Okay" "Ready for your guy's new home?" Michael asked "Yes" Courtney squealed we all laughed "What?" she asked "Nothing, your just so cute" said Michael "oh" she said and jumped on my back "oh you want a piggy back ride" I said and we climbed into the car

"we're here" said Michael , we got out of the car and we were shown to our room, I walked to Courtney's first "wow... A room to myself" she said and flopped down on her bed, I giggled "You love your room don't you" I said she nodded "Best room ever!" and I walked out of her room to mine, I laid on my bed "Mikey?" I called "Yes sweetheart?" he asked "can I paint my room please?" I asked "Sure, we can get paint tonight, and paint saturday how does that sound?" "Sounds good thanks mikey"

Fast foward to saturday

Today is the day I get to paint my room I got light blue and some green, Mikey, Ashton, Luke and Calum are helping me with painting the blue, I'm using green to paint turtles, We were half way done when Courtney came in "Lukey, I'm hungry" We all laughed "What do you want sweets?" He asked "Uhm Pizza" She said "I love you Courtney! Best sister ever" said Michael. Luke ordered Pizza

After we ate

I decided to go back to my room and finish painting my turtles, I have to admit that I did pretty good "Tina whoa you are quite the artist" Said Michael, "Thanks and yes?' I said "Just wanted to see if you needed help" he said "nope I'm pretty much done" I said "Guys will you please get up here" Michael yelled and I heard feet pounding up the steps "Yeah?" asked Luke "Look" Michael said "Whoa Tina did you do this?" Luke asked I nodded "Very cool, are you an artist?" "Yeah here's my sketchbook" I said giving Luke my sketchbook. In one of the pages was Courtney, Turtles, Penguins, Kittens, Mountains, and waterfalls "Tina you're really good can I have this penguin?" Luke asked "Yeah, I drew it for you, and if I was gonna meet you and the boy's I would've gave it to you and the kitten is yours Michael" I said, Luke and Michael rip the pages out "You are talented" said Ashton "Thanks Ash it means a lot,  when Courtney and I where in foster home,  I would draw and sell these about £1.65 a piece and I would sell about 5 a day so around £8.00 and I would save up the money to support me and Courtney" I said, the boys where in shocked "Guys your scaring me" I said and the snap back in reality "oh sorry Tina we where surprise that you had to go through so much and we have to tell you and Courtney something wait Courtney won't understand but You and Courtney are..... "


Hey guys how do you think about my new book? It's 1:50 A.m. it's a school night and I can't fall asleep why I don't know, I'll have to try night everyone

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