a gaze of wander

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Sitting by a rock looking up at the dark somber sky. I think life's too short, am I wrong when am I right otherwise. Life can distract one from the most volatile of situations. Maybe I'm not the first to discover how life's too short to regret but, I'm me nobody's like me therefore I'm evermore original.


-can I help you?

-yea, who are you?

-well that's what I'm doing here!

-I'm sorry still confused, what are you doing here!

-calm down, all good intentions. I only want to know what happened with Sam?

-Sam?... Sam, who?

-your brother, the one from the party.

-what party?

Although I am venture to oblivion, when life seems way too oblivious for even a life pondurer as myself. Today is a great day tomorrow is yet to be discovered, yesterday hoping to be forgotten. Though the essence of day is simple the meaning to each and everyone is a bit more complex than a simple...

Yesterday was bad day

Tomorrow is a new day

Today is the day in which you allow it to be.

Sometimes it's hard not to frown when someone's happy and your uncertain about all within your capacity to be or not to be. Is it wrong to laugh when someone dues because that's left is a silent......

-uh hello you still alive...



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