Ms. Jessie Sherlock Homes

"Come on, I have an idea." I grabbed Rose's hand and pulled her along with me.

"Where are you taking me?" Rose paused by the entrance to the dressing room.

"Hold on, I can't go out there looking like this. A minute out there and everyone would think I was a prostitute. No, this won't do." I turned to one of the dress racks and scanned through the sequined brassieres, and accessories hanging on the pole.

Some of the items were even more racy than the clothing I was wearing. Half of the tops looked like they could fit my pinky with how tiny they were.

Rose walked over to the rack with an amused, mocking look on her face. She chuckled slightly as she picked up a sheer white laced set of underwear and winked at me in a cheeky manner.

I slapped them out of her hand and they landed on the floor with the sound of a whoosh.

"Rose, stop it! This is serious. My reputation in 1923 is a serious thing. I'm the Savior, that title should live up to something. Now, help me find something more modest." I pursed my lips slightly attempting to maintain a serious expression.

"Jessie my dear, I think you're wearing the most modest thing on the rack," she murmured slowly before sticking her tongue out at me.

We both burst out into laughter. I held my stomach as tears began to roll down my cheeks. My stomach began to ache from the uncontrollable laughter, but I just could not stop.

"That's not funny," I uttered between breaks for air.

"You know it is! Oh, let me tell you about that savior girl. She saves the day in every single way. During the day, she's on the side of the angels, but come nightfall she struts the streets to a sound of a different tune. The savior, the burlesque dancer, the-" I covered her mouth with my hand to stop her from continuing.

"Oi, stop it! Now, that'll be enough, or you'll hear your lovely part in that story." I smirked as I raised my eyes daringly.

Rose bit her lip, but kept smirking at me.

"Someone has a dirty mind." I shooed her away with my hand as I pulled hanger after hanger across the clothing rack.

There's got to be something here I can wear before I lost my dignity. Rose would probably say I've lost it already, but I don't think I have...yet.

"Oh! I've got it! Put on this black trench coat, and you can be the new sexy Sherlock Holmes? How about that?" Rose picked up a black knee length trench coat and fanned it in front of my face.

"It'll have to do. That's not what I had in mind, Rose, I plan to wear it to cover this up." I gesture to my angel costume before speaking again. "Rose, have you been reading too many corny romance novels again? Or, have you been deprived of them all together?"

"It got boring working in the shop, I needed something to pass the time." She pouted like a petulant child before shrugging when she admitted to her scandalous crime of reading romance novels.

Does she think of him like that? No, I don't want to know, but she must know how he feels about her. Stupid Jessie, she can't even remember him. They looked so cute together..

I put on the trench coat and wrapped the belt around my stomach to secure it, but it still feels like I'm some sort of showgirl out on a call. The Doctor probably wouldn't even understand my dilemma, his head would be bogged down with everything else happening around him. That was just the classic Doctor for you.

"Alright, let's go." I motioned towards the door with my head before we both tiptoe over there like stealthy spies out on a mission.

I peek my head out the door to check for any stragglers, but the coast is clear.

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