Escaping Society

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Chelsea just lied on the ground, still sleeping muting her surroundings. The sun rised ever since she fell asleep that was the first shinning beam of light she's seen, not just the beaming lights woke her up back to reality it was the distant faint chirping of the birds who sang a peaceful melody. Chelsea woke up, her stomach was growling and by that growling she snapped herself back to reality and there she noticed what would she eat, which was one of the most important questions she had to answer before she thought about her devious plan. She had nothing, her world crashed down without food she'll die which was one of the things she wanted but kept moving forward. "No, you made it till' here don't worry i'll be fine" Chelsea murmured to herself trying to be strong and regretting her awful plan she quite hadn't planned so well. Chelsea took a deep breath regretting her awful plan, which she thought at first was really quite smart. Chelsea walked around the forest wondering if maybe she would find an exit back home. Vrrom! Vrrom! Chelsea heard a loud noise coming from up above from the sky as she looked up, a giant helicopter made a grand entrance, Chelsea however ran as fast as her legs could carry her to one of the oak trees she loved, the oak tree was pale yet still stood out even though all the trees were huddled together and very tall that tree still looked distinct just like Chelsea. The helicopter equipped with trained people was about to turn back till' one of the people who was gazing out the window looking at the same pale tree as Chelsea was, he spotted her. The same as the tree Chelsea stood out herself indeed, they quickly hustled to pull down the ladder to save her life, that is if she pulled away they would do everything they could to save Chelsea's life. Chelsea saw the ladder aiming to her and just out of luck it hit her right in her face, which made her checks more rosy then they already were. Chelsea grabbed the ladder and paused for a moment her heart skipped a beat, while her hair was being lifted up by the heavy wind she slowly opened her moth and slowly the words came spilling out of her pale lips "goodbye."

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