call me crazy

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So its my second day of me living with Micheal and already he has had his gang of druggies
But I didn't know what they was planning on doing to someone.

Until the day that he found our that he.was gonna get.caught.

3 months later.

Micheal finally got out of prison and then suddenly through me out of our house because he saw the baby bump them authentically thought that I was cheating on him with his brother because hits brother stayed whilst he wad locked up in prison and he put.two. And two together until I showed him the DNA results then he automatically felt so guilty he started to cry and to see Micheal cert you.would have the streets naked aha.

impatiently ziggy slammed the door open and screamed let's.get him boys.

Even though Micheal wanted to go he looked at me crying my eyes out in pain so he rushed over to me because I was so white And in so much pain I couldn't talk nor breath.

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