Chapter 4

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"One more day!!!" I screamed to Hayes as I ran up his driveway. "Only today!!!" I yelled now doing cartwheels. "Let's go get this done with!" I said as Hayes started walking towards me, laughing. "Wheres Nash?" I asked Hayes. "His friends Jack and Jack are over making a vine. Something about the last day of school." "Cooleo." I responded "why so hyper today?" He asked as we started walking. "How many times to I have to tell you? It's the last day of school!" As we arrived at the school, we already were ready to leave, because you just want summer vacation to start, right? As I emptied the stuff out if my backpack and was ready to leave for Biology, all of my books got knocked down. As I leaned down to pick them up, some one slapped my butt. "Wow nice ass." I heard as I turned around and saw Jake'a jock friend standing there. I bent down picking up my books as someone kicked me into the lockers. "Why do you even bother coming to school if nobody wants you hear?" Staci came up to me taking a hold of my shirt. "And what are you wearing anyways? You look like shit." She said as she pushed me down again. "Jake, punch her I don't want to ruin my manicure." She said looking at her nails, and winking at me. What a bitch. Jake walked over to me and kicked me again. "Are you just going to sit there? Easier for me!" he said raising his arm towards me. "Hey! Get off her!" I heard a familiar voice say as jake was pushed off of me. "If you ever touch her again, you will regret it." I heard as I realized it was Hayes. Hayes walked over to me and helped me up. "Thank you." I said softly trying to hold the tears in. The tears came rushing out like a waterfall. Hayes engulfed me into his arms. "I'm sorry. Don't worry, everything is going to be okay." Hayes said as he lifted my chin up and looked me strait into my eyes as he wiped my tears. "Everything is going to be okay."

"Thank you for helping me today Hayes." I said quietly as we walked down the stairs of the school to head home. "Dont worry about it, have they been doing this for you for long?" He asked as I put my head down. "That dick is going to regret it." Hayes said as he clenched is fists and quickly turned around heading back through the school doors. I luckily caught his arm before he got any farther. "Please don't." I said watching the fury in his eyes. He clenched his fists harder and suddenly let them go. "I'll take you some where." I said as I grabbed Hayes' hand and started walking towards the train tracks. "Where are we going?" Hayes asked me. "Wait and see." I responded.

"I used to walk this way home from school before you moved here is said as we were balancing on the rails. He grabbed my hand again and intertwined our fingers. We walked like this until we got under the bridge where I used to sit everyday. "What is that?" Hayes asked as he picked up something from behind the little concrete slap in the grass. "That's my phone." I took it from his hand smiling, but my smile soon faded away once the memories came back. "What's wrong?" Hayes asked. "oh nothing, I just lost it and found it." I said putting a fake smile on my face while I was still looking at my phone. I'm surprised Staci didn't shatter it. Hayes put is finger under my chin and put my head up so I was looking him in the eyes. "Please, tell me." he said with a serious look I his face. he looked at me in the eyes the whole time I told him the story having my eyes fill up with tears. After I was done explaining everything on how they have been doing this for years, I felt my hair being moved behind my ear. I looked at Hayes who gave me a quick smile then leaned in slowly and passionately kissed me. We separated, while the butterflies are still swarming my whole body. He smiled at me and I intertwined our fingers. "Angie, there's something I have been meaning to ask you." he said as he took a hold of my hand better. i gave him a smile waiting for him to reply. "I know we have only known each other for a couple months now, but I really like you." he said as the smile on my face grew bigger. "I really like to you too." I said. "Will you like to go on a date with me?" He asked taking a deep breath but not loosing eye contact. "I would love to Hayes." I said as we just sat there and gazed into each others eyes.

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