36 A Blood Red Moon

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In the mean time Coral was watching over a cluster of giant clam pearls that were soon to be mermaid infants. The storm had knocked some out of place causing Coral having to retrieve them.

What is happening? Coral thought. Why didn't I feel this coming? There were no signs in the moon, the water was just lit with purple and teal...

Corral tried listening to the sound of the current and the whispers of the waves but they were too chaotic. She then communicated telepathically with near by marine animals and mermaids. It seemed that no one else knew what was happening either. Then the waves stopped. The vioces, the life, the energy, the current; gone. As if something or someone silenced the ocean storm. Coral listened for the words, a whisper, anything, but there was nothing. A dark, dreary, silence fell upon the whole great blue. But it wasn't blue it was-

Red?... What, I don't understand.

The water around her, the whole sea, turned red like blood. But it was not the water, Coral looked up. Rays of red were beaming from the moon.

Lunar, oh great Luna why red? Are you trying to tell me something?

Coral listened agian for the waves to say something, still silence.

Strange... the ocean always speaks.

After returning all the pearls to their place Coral swam over to a small, nerby reef. She flipped over a sea shell and listened in. Not a word, not even an echo...

Something is very wrong. The Ocean's Voice it's... gone. How? Red? Death...The purple? Fear... And teal...mourning?

... I prophesied that the mer world would be changed forever by the Ocean's Voice... it did becuase it brought two worlds together, using Kai. Using...

The moon gave us power to survive and gave me the power to know that would have an impact on our lives. Kai defended us. She was our... spokesmen... Does this mean...?

Great Luna that's it! Kai is the Ocean's Voice! With out her the sea was silenced. But why?...what happened?... I must find her.

Following the moon's bloody rays Coral was led to Edmond's boat. When Coral surfaced quietly next to the boat she heard grief. And she felt the Ocean suddenly deepen.


Coral floated up more so the prince could see her. She heard sobbing. Communicating with her mind Coral asked

"Your highness, what makes you mourn so?"

Edmond looked up in disbelief. A sea turtle was talking with him telepathically. At first he thought he was hallucinating. But Kai had told him that marine animals who don't communicate through sound use telepathy but he never thought he would experience it.

"The woman I love is dead." He said plainly, looking back at Kai, stroking her hair.

Coral peered in the boat at the corpse. What she feared was true. Kai was gone. Her tail was a silvery gray and the scales began peeling.

"Oh no. Great Luna! I'm sorry, Edmond. I'm very sorry..."

"Do we know each other? "

Coral grinned and said "No, but I know you. I am Coral. Kai's great great grandmother raised me at a sanctuary when I was orphaned. I've known her family for many years. And I've heard that Kai met an unruly prince who emotionally compromised her."

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