"You guys want to go on the farris wheel?" I asked standing up, letting Emma's head slip off my shoulder.

"Yeah, that sounds fun." Straub said and Bee and Emma nodded in unison. We all got up and walked over to the line of the farris wheel, we all still had one more ticket so this would be our last ride and then I think we would leave. We waited in line for about 5 minutes until we got up to the front, people got out of the tram and Emma and I got in it with Bee and Straub, sense there was room for 4 people in a tram. the worker shut the door of the tram and our cart went moving backwards.

Emma gripped my hand in fear and held on to it tighter as we went higher, Straub and Bee were holding hands and I could see the fear of being up high in Bee's face. That is one thing I guess Emma and Bee had in common, an irrational fear of heights. Once we reached the top of the farris wheel the cart stopped, just like last time I was on this farris wheel with Emma.

"Not again." Emma said looking out the fenced siding of the tram. Emma scooted closer to me and I chuckled, and put an arm around her.

"You don't like the memories we've had up here?" I asked Emma smiling and she looked at me and giggled.

"I love the memories we've had up here, but I don't like the height we are at right now." Emma said and I laughed.

"What did you two do up here?" Straub asked and Emma and I looked at each other, smiling.

"Well up here, I asked Emma to be my girlfriend." I said and Emma smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder again.

"That's so cute." Bee said looking at us smiling. Emma giggled a bit and I looked at her and chuckled.

"I love your laugh." I said smiling. Emma looked at me, smiled, and hugged me. The absence of her hand in mine made me sad, I loved intangling our fingers together because it made me feel like we could never be seperated from each other. After we got off the farris wheel, we walked back to Emma's car and we went back to her place. 

"You guys can chill out here if you want."Emma said unlocking her door and walking in, Straub, Bee, and I following.

"I think Bee and I should be getting back to out hotel. We have a day long date tomorrow that starts early so I think we should get our sleep." Straub said and Emma nodded her head.

"Well you have fun on your date." Emma said and gave Bee and Straub hugs. I said goodbye and gave both of them hugs before they left, they grabbed the things the got from the mall and walked out of the apartment.

"We're alone." I said smirking.

"Thank you Captian Obvious I didn't know." Emma said smiling and then laughing. I laughed and then ran up to her, but she ran around behind the couch and was on the balls of her feet so she could dash away from me if I was about to catch her.

"C'mere Emma." I said walking slowly towards her and Emma did the same thing, but walked away from me.

"No, I don't want your cooties." Emma said and I chuckled, she could be such a child some times.

"I just want to give you candy." I said and Emma laughed.

"My mom taught me not to talk to strangers." Emma said and took off towards her bedroom. Thanks to my long legs and cat like reflexes I was able to catch Emma by her waist and pick her up.

"Let go of me." Emma screamed laughing, kicking her legs aggressivly. I flipped her around and put her over my shoulder.

"I'm okay." I said walking into Emma's bedroom as she beat on my back furiously.

"You're hurting me." I said approaching her bed.

"Then put me down." Emma said in a pouty face. I chuckled a nodded.

"As you wish your highness." I said and threw Emma onto her bed. She screamed and then landed on her bed with a thud.

"I said put me down, not throw me." Emma yelled and I laughed.

"I'm sorry Emma." I said crawling on the bed and lying down next to her.

"I forgive you, under one conditon." Emma said smiling.

"What is that?" I asked smiling.

"You have to say you are a big fna." Emma said and I laughed.

"EMMA I'M A BIG FNA, PLEASE SPARE MY LIFE." I screamed and Emma laughed.

"Okay I forgive you now." Emma said patting my head.

"Good, I couldn't spare you being mad at me again." I said and Emma nodded.

"Yeah, I really regret what I did to you." Emma said lifting up my hand and then tracing the lines on my palms.

"You regret what you did? You shouldn't regret anything, I deserve it for being a bastard to you." I said laughing a bit and Emma let out a little giggle.

"I guess, but I just felt bad." Emma said and I nodded.

"Lets get to know each other better." I said smiling and looking at Emma, she was still examining our hands.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked setting my hand down and looking at me.

"Like asking each other questions to know each other better, like more in depth." I said and Emma nodded.

"That sounds fun." Emma said and smiled.

"Okay cool, I'll go first." I said smiling.

"Okay go for it." Emma said and I nodded.

"What are your plans for the future?" I asked and Emma flipped from her side to her back and looked at the ceiling.

"Well, I want to either move to Seattle or Los Angeles and then become a graphic designer. Later in life I may concider starting a family and getting married, but only until I have settled down for a while." Emma said and then looked at me. "What do you want to do?" She asked.

"I want to move to Los Angeles too and get a carrier in either doing YouTube or a graphic designer and then I want to start a family, but only when my companion wants to." I said and Emma nodded.

"Sounds like a good plan set for you." Emma said and I nodded.

"Same goes to you." I said and Emma nodded slightly.

"Well what are your goals for your YouTube carrier?" Emma asked flipping back onto her back and staring at the ceiling. I did the same and thought, what was my goals for YouTube?

"I'm not really sure, all I know is I want to do it for as long as I can." I said and Emma nodded.

"I think that is a good goal I guess you could call it." Emma said and I smiled.

"Okay my turn, um, what was your past like?" I asked and then the smiled that was on Emma's face was quickly replaced my sadness.

"Well it all began with-




AHHHHHH I DIDN"T FINISH EMMA'S SENTENCE!!! A lot of you probably hate me for doing that, but I feel like it was needed in that perticular moment so yeah.The question of the day is,

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