The Beginning

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It was a normal day at Camp Half-Blood. It has been 3 months since the second war. Percy was in his cabin. Ever since the war he had been quiet and if he made contact the people would only be the 7. Today there was a meeting for the 7. Since the 3 months the 7 never talked or hung out like usual. They got isolated from the rest of camp and the people. They did things together and never seperated. Today after the meeting the demigods faces and moods got even even badder. They all headed to their cabins. Clarisse's face was the worst of them all. She stormed off to the Ares cabin. There every camper lined up against the wall the hear the argument between Chris Rodriguz and Clarisse la Rue. The Stolls betted that Chris will calm Clarisse down. As everyone paid attention their eyes widened. " I don't want to go to Highschool especially with Prissy and his friends" said Clarisse. " oh my gods their going to Highschool!" Said Katie. After a few glass breakings Chris came out with a very happy and pink Clarisse. The Stolls thought that the Monet they come out was the best to cheer and victory dance around everyone. " Pay up!" said Connor. As everyone reluctantly took out there money Chiron yells Dinner.

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