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After 8pm laws can be broken with no consequences.Police,fire fighters and helplines are forced to stop answering calls,and no laws that are broken after 8:00pm will be punishable,until 8:00am were laws that are broken will be punishable again until 8:00pm that day.8:00pm to 8:00am are times that most die especially those without protection or shelter,aka the homeless.the law was built by the selfish government that was tired of having to deal with the homeless.Anyone who took the homeless into their house was considered a disgrace to most people,that didn't like the homeless,and they're was those that were looked up to by some as a brave person when they took in a homeless to there house.

Kristen a girl who has everything a home and protection,her family is that small percentage that took in the homeless and cared for them what happens when people get angry and want Kristen and her family dead.

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