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*Janes POV*
It's November and that means it's almost turkey day!!!! I love thanksgiving because of all the food and family you are with.

I was walking down the hall when I bumped into Agatha.

"Come here!", she yelled.

"Okay!", I yelped as she dragged me into the nearest classroom available.

Se pushes me into the emptiest seat near and sits on the desk and says," I'm going to ask Joseph to Sadies!".

"Excuse me, but what the fuck is Sadies?", I questioned.

Before Agatha could reply Valerie walked in holding her books and peeks up to see us two there. "Hey guys.", she says. "What are you two doing in here, you don't have ROP nursing?". She looked unsure of why we were there.

"Well I was explaining to Jane about who I'm going to ask to Sadies, but clearly she has no idea what that is!", Agatha exclaimed.

"You don't know what Sadies is?", Valerie seemed baffled by this attempting to hide the small giggle escaping her mouth.

"Guys it's not funny and so what I don't know what that is and why should I care.", I started getting aggravated.

"Okay, chill.", said Valerie.

"I don't chill because that's how you end up with chill-dren(see what I did there :D carry on)!", I yell.

"Sadies is a school event.....it's a date for you and....I can't explain it. Care to help Agatha?", asked Valerie.

"It's a trip and the girls ask the guy to it like prom but opposite and you get to dress up to the theme and have fun with the guy you wanna have fun with. Got it?", Agatha stated.

"So the girls ask the guys right?", I ask.

"Yes, and you get to dress up!", she says excitingly.

"So who are you asking Valerie?", I pressure her.

"Ummm, I don't even think I'm gonna go cause my friend will be there taking pictures for year book and there is no way in hell I'm asking a guy!", she says with the most strict face ever getting a little red.

"Oh so no guy in mind?", I ask again.

"Well there is this one guy named Al and we had him last year.", she says.

"Oh yeah. He is cute!", I tell her.

"But, only as friends I want to go with him.", she quickly defends.

"And you Agatha?", I ask her.

"I told you Joseph because he has been like the most great and funny guy to be around.", she replies.

"I don't think I wanna go, but it is senior year so maybe I will ask Kyle.", I say.

"Why don't you ask Adam?", both girls say at the same time.

"Hahahah seriously guys everyone expects us to go together.", I state the obvious.

"That's because you guys have something together and damn girl we all can see it.", says Valerie.

"Well I guess I'll go with Adam.", I mumble.

A couple weeks later I still haven't told my mom about Sadies and it's close to the dead line and I need to act fast. I went to go run errands with my mom so I spoke.

"So mom Sadies is coming up and most of my friends are going an it's senior year.", I beckon.

"Well what's the theme?", she asked.

We all voted in our civics class on the theme and Dynamic Duo won.

"It's dynamic duo like batman and robin.", I said.

"And how much is it.", she asked with her eyes on the road.

"It's$90.", I said fast.

"Well why don't you ask Adam?", she says.

I thought to myself wow even my mom wants me to go with him.

"Should I?", I asked her.

"Yeah, that kid seems all right.", she answers.

"Alright so now I need to plan how I'm going to ask him.", I said.

Great, now how the hell do I ask a guy to a stupid dance thing and make it unique. How!!!!!!

I so fucking screwed with this!

*Valeries POV*
Is it wrong to ship two friends together. Because like seriously freaking OTP OTP OTP over here.

I wonder is it weird between them sometimes because I know for sure that Jane likes him but does he feel the same.

"Valerie, you okay sweetie?", asked my mom.

"Oh yeah mom just thinking about school.", I respond.

"Okay well dinners ready.", she implied.

As I went I remembered what I told Jane about Al. Crap in a hat! I so forgot how am I gonna tell my parents. Oh god how is my brother going to react.

*Authors Note
Sorry guys but I got busy with some stuff pertaining to my love life Jk I don't have one I got busy dressing up in costumes for no reason.

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