Part 6

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Why can’t I know?

Home alone, trying not to clutter my mind as I wanted to write some new material. I cleaned my room; it helped me to process my thoughts. It had been a couple of weeks before that I last recorded my thoughts, my journal on the internal shelf. I always wait for something to move me before I write. I put on Sky news to be greeted by the news that another child had been killed at the hands of a sexual predator. I felt sick and angry at the same time. I felt the grief for the family. I imagined what the child’s last hours were like. The fear they were exposed to, and the helplessness of their situation.

I wanted to know why we let these predators into society protected by their anonymity. We don’t know where they are but they know where the kids are. I thought about the film the brave one and thoughts of being a vigilante somehow made sense. They are protected because angry mobs would hunt them down but in their protection they have the perfect guise to launch their hideous attacks on society’s innocent. Anger is a consequence to their actions it is a just response and to protect us all they should be locked up indefinitely without the right to appeal, they should lose that when they attack an innocent.  I had to let it out, so many victims I have forgotten all their names, Milly Dowler, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, Madeline McCann, Sarah Payne, Victoria Climbie’, Baby P, Ashleigh Hall. I pictured myself at prime minister’s questions, confronting the so called aristocracy. Challenging them on why these types of criminals were protected. Is it because of a handshake or affiliation to some other dark society? Is it because some walk the halls of parliament, are they in the upper echelons of the police force? I wanted to know why?

“I don’t care about your register, there just predators.

Camouflaged in the hood, ain’t it scaring ya?

So many hidden tell me who are the victims.

They receive more protection than our children.

You’re more worried that I’m a vigilante.

Walking pon street with a machete because I’m angry.

Is it known how many kids are killed?

The innocent abused at a paedophiles will.

5 year sentence but their out after 2.

They say for good behaviour but they don’t have a clue.

No kidz in the slammer, excuse my grammar.

Nonce’s a link up and dem a planner.

Another abduction another sex attack.

Hidden by a system that covers up their tracks.

What’s it gonna take to put these names on show.

So why can’t we know”.

I was told in school I wouldn’t amount to much. I was always shown negative images of people who looked like me. Yet within society the powers that be protect individuals who target children. Paedophile rings, so many children are victims to adults they know. What is wrong with our world? I knew the answer, it was us.It has been said, that the only thing necessary for evil to exist is for good people to remain silent. That was a quote by Edmund Burke, he also said: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” Today we see children killing children, minors indecently assaulting minors and the Crown prosecution Service justifies their behaviour by giving such lenient sentences. It seems a crime around money and property is valued more than crimes against humanity. Why can’t I know if a paedophile has been relocated near me, aren’t my children of value? Why can’t I know the identity of all the sex offenders in my local area?  Why can’t I know what they have done? Why can’t I know? There has been four occasions where a man in a van has been seen watching the children in my daughters school. Not going to happen on my watch.

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