wood, stone, sand, gravel, and dirt

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Hi my name is Spade.  If you didn't already notice, I am a dirt block.  People always call me the most useless block in the game.  All I am used for is farming, or a ugly, unstable shelter.  But we have a secret.  A dirt block named Derpy is invinceable and kills humans that try to break him.  If it isn't obvious, he is the king of the common blocks.  Including sand, dirt, gravel, stone, leaves, and wood.

My name is Sandy, I am a sand block.  I can fall if there is nothing underneath me.  In that way I am special.  But the other block that does that is evil.  You'll meet him later.  I am found in deserts, and beaches.  I can be made into sandstone or glass.  Like Spade, Derpy Rules over me.

My name is Evilman.  I am a block of gravel, probably the worst block ever.  But, Like Derpy I can kill humans by using the ability that Sandy also has.  Players and humans say that I am evil.  It is true I am evil.  I am as evil as a creeper.

My name is Woody.  I am a spruce wood block.  My only freinds are Oakey, Leafey, and Birchey.  Leafey is a leaf block.  Oakey is an oak wood block.  Birchey is a birch wood block.  We are the most important blocks in the game besides wood planks.  We can make so many things I can't think of all of them, but I will say as many as I can think of.  Sticks, tools, wood planks, ladders, wooden doors, torches, beds, crafting tables, chests, minecart rails, fences, fence gates, fishing poles,  stairs, half slabs, trabdoors, signs, wooden preasure plates, wooden buttons, redstone torches, and charcoal.

My name is Stone.  I am a stone block.  I can make stone pressure plates, stone buttons, tools, stone bricks, mechinisms, and furnaces.  That is basiclly my story.  One more thing, I am the most common block underground.

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