Chapter 1 - Rin

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He was in his room, reading his favorite book when she came over. Heza was Rin's best friend. Heza had knocked on his door, and before he could answer it, she bursted into the room, her scarf flowing behind her as she ran up to him, grabbing his book, and saying,
"Hey, Rin! When are you planning on finishing this book and coming with me to the lake?" He just looked at her, not realizing what she was asking him. Then it all fell in place.
"Oh, sorry, Heza. I didn't mean to miss the picnic we had planned. I just got into my book and couldn't stop reading," he said. He felt guilty, knowing that she had been looking forward to this. So, he got off his bed, and grabbed his book from her before she could do anything about it. She protested as he dragged her out of the room, but she was the weaker one, and eventually, she gave up, and he successfully pulled her out of his house. He got his shoes on, and rushed out of his house, onto his bike, told her to get on the pegs, and raced to the lake, Heza laughing at his rush.
"Heza, stop laughing at me! You know you would do the same thing for me!"
And with that, she stopped, and Rin laughed at her in triumph.
"Whatever," she said, and when they got there, they rushed to see the box gone.
"Heza, where is the box?" Rin asked.
"I don't know!" she said, shocked. They were just about to leave when a big voice boomed,
"WANT YOUR BOX, COME GET IT!" And they were knocked out.
Rin was in a tight position when he woke up. Heza lay next to him, bruised on her left cheek. Rin grimaced. He wondered what they - if it was a they - had done to him. Rin kept quiet for fear that, whatever had attacked Heza and himself, wouldn't hear him. He looked down at his hands. They were scraped and throbbing, probably from being dragged. His insides squirmed. How strong was this thing? Heza's hands were quite scraped too, and Rin felt sorry for her. Their - her - box had been stolen. The box which had her most prized possession in it. Her Ring of Power. Whoever wore it would immediately become more and more powerful, until they took it off, and if it had been on for too long, the user would simply explode. It was gifted as well as cursed. Heza had used it many times in fights with other magical creatures like herself, she was a witch, Rin was a wizard. The famous wand maker, Phelius, had created their wands according to their personalities, their heights and weights, and who they had faced before in battle - that is, without their wands. Rin and Heza were only eleven when they got their wands. Ethan's wand was made with redwood tree wood, with a core of red-hot ruby, the ruby that, when touched by anyone who wasn't its owner, would burn them harshly, if they hadn't been nice about it or had unnerving intentions. Heather's wand was made with acacia wood with white-freeze sapphire, which would basically do the same as Ethan's, just freezing instead of burning. They had been taught how to use the simpler spells by Phelius, and as they got older, they began to create their own. Ethan's best spell was "Titirius Totorious." This spell would make people sway on the spot, gradually getting more violent in their swaying, their feet glued to the ground, until they fell, very hard, with all the force the spell had already put on them. This usually helped him buy time, as it usually took about five minutes for the person to slam onto whatever lay in front of them, and almost always was knocked out.

Ethan came to his senses. Whatever had captured him had walked into the room, with Heather's wand in his right hand, and Ethan's in his left, and Ethan noticed that its hands were very blistered and frost bitten. It ran up to Ethan and threw his wand at him, and then did the same to Heather, who awoke.
"Whazzup?" She said, groggily, rubbing her cheek. "My-my wand? Why did you have it?" she asked, and the creature said,
"I've been looking for a wands like these for centuries. Heather, if that must be your name - Ethan kept saying your name while he was knocked out, I just assumed -" Rin blushed and so did Heather, and she looked away, "- oh... Ok then. I guess you have been together for a while..." Ethan jumped up, only to be yanked back down by the chains bearing his arms to the floor.
"Don't get any ideas," he snarled, and the creature looked taken aback.
"I'm here to help you," he said, and walked out.
How did you like it? This was the book Silvermoon was talking about - the one I had been writing before. Wonder why Rin had a sudden outburst?

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