Chapter 20

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I woke up before he did. He looked so peaceful sleeping.  The blue light was blinking on my phone.  Who could have possibly texted me this damn early?
Hey baby girl. I'm up if you need me today ♡ Chase.

I sighed. Today is the day. I smiled, Chase remembered. I grabbed some black leggings and my worn out gray tshirt before quietly making my way to the bathroom.  I went through my normal morning routine trying hard to keep quiet  so Brantley could sleep. He was still sleeping as I slid on my tennis shoes.  I left my phone on the charger, grabbed my ipod, and headed towards the stage.

Chase was sitting by the stage sipping his coffee. He knew me too well.

"Morning." I smiled weakly.

"Coffee? "

"Not yet."

"You good?"

"Yea" I sighed.

"Told him yet?"

"Not yet."

"That man loves you Rev, you need to tell him and soon."

"Yea, yea, I will." I replied as I put my headphones in.

"Go ahead, do your thing." Chase smiled.

I smiled, pressed play and tucked the ipod in the small pocket on the side of my sports bra.  My plan was to dance until my body begged me to stop.


I rolled over and reached for her.  When I couldn't feel her I opened my eyes.

"Baby, you up?" I yelled. I stretched and waited for her to answer.  "Revy, baby!" I yelled again and I sat up. 

I got up and got dressed.  It wasn't like her to up and leave.  I noticed her phone on her pillow.  I checked her text messages,  maybe Kate texted and she was with her.  The only recent text was from Chase.

I know I shouldn't have went through her phone, and I brought this feeling on myself. But something about the text didn't sit right with me.

I threw my jacket on and made my way off the bus.  I was headed towards his bus when I spotted him sitting beside the stage.

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