Part one

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I look around to see if I could find him. In case you are wondering, I'm in an airport waiting to find my brother, Matty. I haven't seen Matty for at least a month and a half being in California in a vacation house on the beach. I met a lot of people that I have just basically met, but it feels as if I have known them forever. I lost my train of thought when I heard my name being called. "Kay Kay?!" I hear as someone is yelling from far away. I immediately recognize that voice that I have missed while I was gone in Cali. "Matty?!" I say as I turn my head and am greeted with a big bear hug from my goofball of a brother. "I've missed you so much baby sister..." I notice in his voice that he was about to cry, which I knew was going to happen. "I missed you too big brother..." I quietly say, but then I start to cry into my brother. "Awww, don't cry baby sister. Just wait till mom and dad see the twins reunited once again.!" he says with a smile.

Oh I forgot... Matty and I are twins. We were both born on March 21st of 2001 in White Plains, New York. Even though we are only apart by 2 minutes, he acts as if he is older then me by 2 years, but I love that he cares about me just as much as I care about him. We finally let go of each other and he grabs my luggages and we are hand in hand walking to the exit of the airport. Once we finally start to head home, I get super excited to be surprising my parents. You see, my dad and mom don't know that I'm here, my brother and I had agreed to surprise our parents with me arriving today. He made sure that they were both there and that he would pick me up quickly. I don't even notice that we are home until I feel the car stop at our house. my house is like a medium sized house, not too big,not too small,but just right.

Matty makes sure that both of our parents are in the house and then helps me with my luggage. We quickly and quietly, go upstairs, placed my luggage in my room and go back downstairs in the living room. Well technically Matty went in the living room while I was putting my back towards the wall of the living room waiting for Matty to give the signal. "Hi mom and dad. I'm home" I hear Matty say. "Hi sweetie,not to intrude but where were you?"my mom says. Oh geez I missed her voice when she sang to me at night to help me fall asleep. "I was picking up something" Matty says and looks at me with the corner of his eye so he doesn't give me away. "And what would that be?" mom asks. "I'll show you." He finally shows me the signal and I slowly walk in the living room. My mom and dad look at me with shock and happiness in their eyes. "Is that you, my baby princess?." my father asks to me. When we were little, my dad gave me the nickname of baby princess because I was his only daughter and I felt really special. "Yes daddy. It's me." I say and my mom runs to me and hugs me as if it's the last hug I'll get from her. "I missed you so much sweetie. I can't believe that my babies are finally together again." After she says that I cry and she cries too. Then my dad comes up to me and says "Oh my baby girl is so grown up. I have missed my little girl so much that you can't even imagine how much. I'm just so happy that your home." I see tears starting to form in his eyes and I open up my arms and my dad comes to me and accepts the hug and cries into my shoulder. I missed this so much while I was in Cali and I know that nothing will ever replace the love that I have for my twin and my parents.

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