My Protector Part 2

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I woke up the next morning hearing the sound of chewing. I look over and its Ryan eating cereal in the loudest way possible. When I sit up he smiles at me and milk drips down his chin which makes me laugh. He goes over to the sink and puts water in the bowl.

"Well at least I got you to smile. Are you hungry?" he says.

I nod and kick my brother off the couch which wakes him up. He playfully gives me an angry look and punches me in the arm. Me and my brother get dressed both of us surprisingly matching. Ryan is already dressed and he takes us downstairs to his car where me and my brother fight over the front seat. I (of course) win. On our way to get something to eat, we actually decide to talk.

"What happened yesterday, Nicole?" Ryan asks.

"Nothing happened." I say looking straight ahead. My brother knows where this is going and says something before it can go any further. 

"Hey I understand that you care Ryan.  But my suggestion is that you drop it. When she says "nothing" she just doesn't want to talk about it." Andy says.

Ryan nods to acknowledge that he understands and drives in silence. It bothers me so I decide to speak up.

"I never saw you as the quiet type." I say. He chuckles softly. "I'm not the quiet type. I just don't always speak my mind." he says. "Out of fear you'll be judged?" I ask. He looks at me and then back at the road. "Yeah." he says. "I understand." I say and give him a reassuring smile. We go into a diner called Tae's.  The owner is a peppy little character that's a little too happy for me.

I order the chocolate chip pancakes (they had a vegan menu). Andy orders a bacon and egg platter.  Ryan orders a meat lovers omelette.

"Why didn't you get bacon?" Ryan asks when the food comes.  "Did you or did you not see me order off the VEGAN menu?" I say. Andy laughs and then stops when Ryan shoots him a look. We finish our meal and go to the gym and run into Brock Lesnar. He looks at me and laughs.

"Little girl I think your lost." he says looking down at me. "And I think you left your eyebrows on the sidewalk on the ride here. I'll draw them if you want." I say with a smirk. He squats down to look me in the eyes.  "Who the hell do you think you are?" "I'm Nicole Ashby. That's not who I think I am. This is who I know I am." I say. Lesnar starts to get twitchy and Ryan pulls me back and stands in front of me. He's breathing heavily and sweating from his workout.

"Is that little brat yours?" he asks. "No. But she is in my care. I suggest you back off." Ryan says giving him the death stare. Lesnar gives me an evil grin then looks back at Ryan. "She's lucky you came when you did. Or else she would've had a broken arm." He says and winks at me and then as soon as Paul Heyman comes he walks away. Then Ryan turns around to face me.

"What is the matter with you? You could've gotten yourself killed!" he says.

"Sorry. I was just-"

"I don't care what you were trying to do. Let's go before you end really messing with someone." he says angrily and walks out the door. I follow him to his car and say absolutely nothing. My brother keeps asking what happened but I still don't answer. 

Later that night...

I put on my black jeans, converses and black lunatic fringe shirt that I made myself. I slip on my gray beanie and fix my bangs in the front. I sit on the couch and wait about 20 minutes.  I'm tired of waiting so I yell through the room that I'm gonna try to ride with another wrestler. I walk outside and lean against the wall. I hear a door open and look up and see its Dean. "Hey. Want a ride?" he says jingling his keys. "Sure." I say and walk with him to his car.

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