Chapter one

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With my eyes half closed, I slowly walked out to my tree. The warm summer breeze carassed my face as I made my way out further out into the field. Flowers that bloomed sprinkled the tall grass. The weeds tickled my legs, arms, and every other uncovered surface that i had. It was so peaceful, what could go wrong?

Once i was finally to my tree, i sat down in the grass and shut my eyes. Listening to the crickets sing and the frongs croak, I was in heaven. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep. I didn't know that I was sleeping until a noise woke me up. I listened, but didn't hear it again. Thinking that my parents were going tostart to worry, I stood up and made my way back to the house. I wasn't even five feet from the tree when I heard it. The growl sounded so deadly and dangerous that I froze, paralized with fear. A black wolf crawled out infront of me from the weeds. It's almost red eyes heldvme in place. The next moment the wolf straightened out of its crouch with its head held high. It's eyes never left mine.

Echoed in my head. No matter how hard I fought to stay awake, I couldn't. The last thing I saw as I was falling to the ground was the black wolf walking over to me. What have I gotten into?

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