The books

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Ellas pov

After french class Aurora and I went back to our lockers to put our books away and went off to the cafeteria.

we got our lunch and sat at an empty table as usual.

we started chatting while eating our lunch and Aurora asked if i wanted to skype after school. I obviously said"Yaaaaaaassssss guurrl" and we just started laughing.

After lunch was art class, Aurora and I loved art but she was way better at it than me.

we got our stuff for art at our lockers and went to the classroom.

Aurora and i sat beside eachother like always and a boy sat beside her and she turned her head to look at him. their eyes locked and they grinned at eachother. She then looked back at me and i wiggled my eyebrows at her, and rolled her eyes at me.

it was finally 2:15, 5 minues before school ended and we were on our way back to our lockers when the guy who winked at me earlier today accidentally ran into me while he was running down the hall. And my books fell on the ground Aurora helped me but before she nelt down to help me, He helped me get my books together, and we both looked up and i could see his beautiful brown eyes. Aurora was just standing there so i looked back down to pick all my books up at onceand said "thanks " but i didnt make eye contact and then Aurora and I got our bags and got picked up by my mom . We dropped off Aurora and when i got home we skyped.

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