Chapter one: Come Angel

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I am not the only one writing this books so partial creds to my friend Jessica☺️ fair warning I cuss a lot so if you don't like it deal with it or stop reading, I also ask you steer away from hateful comments. Thank you enjoy.

Nikki's POV

"Nikki! Have you saw my bags" Danny her mom yells.
Nikki sighs "no mom"
"Never mind I found them. Don't forget to lock the door and the windows. We will call you when we are in Louisville."

She hurriedly walks to her daughter giving her a brief hug along with mike, her father and walks out of the house.
Her house is a simple two story building painted a faded yellow.
She walks to her room checking the time, 9:36 Pm
'Already!' She thinks to herself. she takes a brief shower throwing her blonde hair in a sloppy bun and drifts off to sleep.
Jaxsons POV

"Hey Jak there is this killer party at Tyler's place in Delmar tonight you comin'?" Seth asks
"Yeah I need to blow off some steam."
Jakxon hops out of his Lamborghini and walks up to the front door of Tyler's house. He immediately grabs a beer and sits in the corner with Seth checking out all the girls. Seth nods in the direction of a blonde "what bout her?"
"Nah. One she is all fake, boobs included. Two that is not her real eye color. And three she has probably done everyone here twice!"
She glints over at his direction and swings her hips as she walks over to him. "hey cutie. I'm Amanda and there is an empty room. Wanna join me." she says seductively caressing a finger over his suited chest. She slips her hand under his shirt and leans closer to him. He pushes her off and scowled at her "what the hell. You need to find someone else to f*ck I don't do sluts."
Her eyes tear up "you'll change your mind but I'm not a slut you b**ch!"
He walks to the front door and she tips a powder into his drink. He notices leaving it and then goes to grab it chugging it before walking out of the door. A wave of heat rushes around him as a sweet smell of vanilla and lavender. He follows the sent leading to the front door of a faded yellow house he lets himself in and follows the smell upstairs to Nikki's room. He is drugged and drunk with no mental control causing him to walk up to the sleeping beauty. She laid there in a bra and panties fast asleep. He reach in his back pocket grabbing a bandana. Then he gets on top of her and puts it on her face.
That night he did exactly what he planed not to do. He raped her. The last words he said gave her nightmares, 'Watch your back. They're coming' he whispers seductively in her ear biting her earlobe making her want to vomit.

Nikki's POV

I just sat there. Crying.
Why would someone do this?! What have I done to them?! Why me?!
Questions ran through my mind as I sneak out of my room watered and blurry vision tip-toeing to my parents bedroom grabbing my fathers gun staring at the closed door.
I didn't sleep at all that night, feeling dirty and violated. Even if he didn't steal my innocence, he stole my pride, my security. All I saw was a glimpse of his eyes. Deep and green almost breathtaking but at the same time they sent shivers up my back scared and un-guarded.
I looked to see the handle turning and looked to find the gun no where.
I pushed closer to the wall in the corner as I was met by deep green eyes.

Okay it may not be the best book but plz like and comment if I should continue!!😘( not a real story )

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