Intoxicated, Yonghwa felt Chanyeol strip his shirt and lay him on bed. Eyes closed, his dizzy mind thought of Joo Hyun “Chanyeol might have sent her home by now.” He thought. He inhaled deeply now sleepiness taking in. “This is what I like of being drunk, I can smell her scent vividly as though she’s beside me.” he chuckled and drank her sweet scent before he passed out. In his sleep he turned on his side and embraced his favourite hotdog pillow with his arms and legs. 

He felt his pillow move but he held it tight, he took a deep breath and again thought of Joo Hyun. He opened his tired eyes and saw her in his arms deeply asleep but as beautiful as ever. “I really like being drunk. She’s here again beside me.” He mumbled and kissed her on the forehead “Sleep tight my dearest pillow Joo Hyun! Saranghae!” a crooked smile plastered as he sleep.


Joo Hyun slept soundly till morning. Half awake, she felt warm and secure; it is as if she is inside a cocoon. She smiled as she remembered last night’s celebration when she heard a heartbeat close to her ear.”Huh? Why can I hear my heartbeat like I’m using a stethoscope?” she asked herself. Now she felt her cocoon is breathing evenly, and felt a weight across her chest and her legs. She slowly opened her eyes, confused. With cheek nestled on his bare chest her eyes widened and looked up in an instant to see his face.

“EeeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” she screamed in shock. She sprang up and held the blanket on her chest firmly while looking at the now startled Yonhwa.

She saw him rub his eyes and looked at her in confusion “YAH!!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE???!!!!” she yelled while peeping at herself inside the blanket when she saw him naked.

Her eyes wandered inside the unfamiliar room “WHERE AM I? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!!” she continued freaking out.

Startled and confused, Yonghwa was unable to say something rational. “Uhm.. aahh.. mmnn” he shook his head in frustration while shutting his eyes tightly “This is a dream.” He convinced himself and counted “One, two, three.” He slowly opened his eyes hoping Joo Hyun was not in front of him screaming like a madman 

“Yah!! You have the nerve to sleep?! What happened?!” she yelled pacing in front of him hands on her hips demanding for an answer

He sighed “I don’t know.” he said looking as confused as her “I knew I passed out from drinking last night and Chanyeol brought me he….” He stopped and looked up at her, a piece of the puzzle taking its place

She stopped when she heard what he said and looked at Yonghwa now sitting up half naked. She doesn’t know where to shift her gaze. She felt her pulse rising, it would have risen faster had she known the real situation she’s in.

“Chanyeol!!!!” they cried in unison

“That creepy b*st*rd!!! He must’ve planned this!!!” she said steaming as she stormed out of the room to find her mobile phone and call him for some nagging. “Wear a shirt for Christ’s sake!!!” she yelled back at Yonghwa. 

Yonghwa slowly stood up; in a daze he went to his room and again sat on his bed. He can hear Joo Hyun rumbling and whining outside his door. He opened his closet and saw a folded paper on top of his neatly folded wardrobe. Stretching his arm, he took it and opened it to read. His smiled brightly as he read Chanyeol’s message.

“Komawo Chanyeol-ah.” he said grateful. He looked at his door as if he can see Joo Hyun pacing frantically. He looked at himself and a plan formed in his mind “I’ll be forever grateful, Park Chanyeol.” he smiled and took his towel. He put it around his neck and headed outside, to where Joo Hyun is. 

“What are you fussing about?” he asked calmly

“I can’t find my phone!” she answered making her eyes busy and away from him 

“Use mine. I think it’s on the coffee table. I’ll take a quick shower.” He said and head to the bathroom

“It’s not there, Yonghwa-yah!” she called him from outside, she can hear the shower, not liking the image her mind pictures, she shook her head.

“Check the computer table. I might’ve put it there.” He yelled through.

She tried everywhere in the living room but their phone was out of sight. Frustrated, she slumped on the floor. 

Yonghwa walked out from his shower, a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair wet. He stopped and looked at her in the eye “Have you seen it?” he asked 

Her heart raced when she saw the glorious sight “Aniyo!” her face felt hot she tried to look away but it seemed like he was everywhere. 

He lifted the grocery on top of his dining table and showed it to her “Where did this come from?” 

She glanced at him quickly “I have no idea! Will you change into something decent?!” she snapped at him while looking away

“O!” he picked up the piece of paper he saw under the grocery bag and read it. He looked up at her and stared.

Joo Hyun sensed an impending drama on Yonghwa’s eyes, a knot formed in her stomach, a hunch that something bad will happen came to her. “What is it?” she hesitated

Yonghwa licked his lips before biting his lower lip  and said “It’s from Chanyeol.” he eyed her carefully

She felt frustrated. Yonghwa had essentially told her nothing relevant. “And what does it say?”

A rueful smile escaped his lips. “Patience is still not one of your virtue, I see.” He handed her the paper “See for yourself! I’ll go change, I might be stripped naked by you after reading it.” He marched hurriedly to his room and closed it.

“WHAT!” she crumpled the paper as anger seeped right through in her veins “YOU ARE SO DEAD PARK CHANYEOL!!” she muttered, now white-knuckled.

She looked for the internet wire to confirm what was written. Sulking, she picked up both ends of the wire and started to tear “Otoke?!” she said helplessly

Frustrated she banged Yonghwa’s door and cried for help. “Anyone! Please help!” she yelled and listened for a while but no one answered. She headed to Yonghwa’s bedroom and opened it furiously.

Yonghwa heard her cry for help, he shrugged it off and smiled, whistling he took off the towel and reached for a clean underwear inside his closet. He started to pull up his underwear when the door opened abruptly revealing the now shocked Joo Hyun. 


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