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Chapter 1-
Boarding Hogwarts Express.

"What? I'm...A witch? How is that even possible?"

I questioned my father,While mother stood absolutely dumbfounded.

"You see,Sweetheart,I was a wizard,And your aunt was a witch."

"How...So,Witchs and Wizards are true?"

"Yes.Now,Go pack sweety.Honey,Let's go talk."

Quick long exiting past with not even a minute lasting run,I swiftly grabbed Clothing,And other important things.


Glancing around the Robes Shop,A shortened lady quickly ran towards me,Nearly enough to k com me over before coming to a sudden Halt.

"Miss Aiden?"

"Yes.Im here to get my robe."

"Aren't you Uh...A tad old for coming now?"

"What? Oh,No no no.I found out I was a witch a few days ago,so I'll be in fifth year."

"Oh! Splendid! Let's get you measured."

Stepping slowly up onto the whited platform,I glanced across from me,Seeing Redened hair fall of the girls shoulders,Turning to me with a Questioning glancing.

"Oh,Hello! I'm Lily.Whats your name?"

"Preston Aiden..."

"Oh? Um,May I ask why you look such as a male?"

Scoffing,I shuffled.

"Let's go get your gir-"


Both the lady and yet Lily glanced surprised at me.

"I'd...Like a male one,Please.I don't like wearing skirts and stuff.."

The lady seemed to be lost,But ran off to the other direction of thee store.

"Well,Lily,You see,I was born Genderfluid,And I like the appearance of a more boyish formal.Skirts and everything...Just isn't me."

She laughed.

"Oh,that's makes sense.Fifth year,Huh? Well,We can be friends!"

"Oh,really? I hadn't very many fiends before."

"Of course."

After quickly paying for our robes,We dashed outside,Were my father stood,"Hello father.Come along,we got to of go to Olivanders!"

Arriving,An old man appeared,Which he was Olivander obviously.

"Miss Aiden,I was wondering when you'd be coming.Seems like yesterday your father and aunt were buying there first wands."

After about 7 wands,I've finally gotten mine.

"Cherrywood,12 inches.."

Ranting about the wand.

"I wonder..."

"Give it a flick!"

Flicking the wand,It placed everything back to normal.



I accidentally had bumped into some raven haired male,For he fallen back

I pulled him swiftly by his arm,Smiling an charming smile.

"Sorry.Im Preston.Preston Aiden."

He must've dropped a few things,For he ignored me until standing once again."Severus.Severus Snape."

"I guess I'll see you around."He stated,Turning to leave.

"Wait! What is your house?" He never turned,Walking away.


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