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(Marauders x Claws)
[[X Fangs/Claws]]

(Peter calls her Fangs)

Claws/Devon's Point of view_

The Marauders Map,Placed in my hands.

Little did they know,I've had it.

Though,Remus is on to me.


The Marauders,And little Lucy's friends,Haha,Lucy,Are considering I'm like Severus.

Severus is my friend,And so is Lily.

James is quite mean,For Severus came running to me,Exclaiming over how Lily went off with James and "Leaving him."

Poor Snape.

Speaking of the Devilish Raven haired male,He now stood in front of my body.

"How..Possibly did you get it?"

He questioned me,To make me scrunch my nose in memory.

"I'm quite sure it's easier then you think.They left it with Peter Pettigrew,Figure it out.Its quite obvious,Severus." Glancing upon his features,His gaze fell onto me as well,As he sighed.

"They're absolutely idiots aren't they?"

"Especially James."

Severus smiled a genuine smile.Rarely the raven Boy would show such a thing,Only to me and Lily.

"Oh Severus." I playfully rolled my Reddish Eyes,As we both glanced around at the footprints written and walking across thee Paper.

"Severus Sirius and James are coming!" Severus noticed and grabbed the map,Hiding it in his cloak.

I tried to contain any sort of shown way of being suspicious.

They both glance at us,As we had a casual talk,Before I simply glared daggers at the Two,Making them surprised.

Never had I done that,But now,I never ever had any liking towards them.

It made me more of suspicion,So I simply glanced back at Severus until they walked over.

Pitching the bride of my nose I glared to them once again."Yes,'Marauders?'"

It spread through thee entire Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry about them.

"Why are you being so rude-Actually,More importantly,When did Lily Let you hang out with him?

"Well,'Him' is my friend.Unlike a curious idiot like yourself,James.And as for Lily,If you hadn't rudely went into her life,Maybe she wouldn't be complaining over you half the time."

James and Sirius seemed a little shocked,But Sirius grabbed my collar,"You little-Ow!!"

Severus...Hurt him? The spell had yet to fling him back,Making James run to his side.

"Thank you,Severus.We should warn Lily about the,'Map',Shouldn't we? It could useful to us."

I smirked my devilish smirk,Which made them realize what I meant.

And for the rest of that day,We ran away from them.

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