I Won't Tell

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"Tell me if this hurts." He said , As he slowly slid the tip of his dick into my pussy , it was so thick , My body tightened as he began to put it all the way in . I was so wet that it slid in with ease , I let out a quiet moan . "Do you want me to stop ?" He asked , I replied with No . I knew he didn't want to stop . I could feel it throbbing with each deep stroke he made , I pushed him in deeper it felt so good , And I knew by the way he was moaning it was good to him too , I wished he could have stayed inside of me forever . 30 minutes later we were done . I got dressed as he went off to the bathroom to get himself cleaned off . As he walked back toward the living room we met in the hallway . "This is our little secret , ok" he said . "Ok ", I said to him with a smile . He kissed me sweetly . I went upstairs & climbed in bed , replaying the event over and over again in my head . I could still feel him inside of me. It was an amazing feeling . Whenever I wanted it he gave it to me . There were times that I couldn't help it . I waned him inside of me . I yearned for him . Just the thought of him touching me made me drip . He knew what he did to me . I made him weak also , what I had In between my legs was so powerful , I made him beg . It turned me on to know that he wanted it just as bad as I did .


"Ride with me to the gas station "

"Alright let me grab my shoes"

The ride to the gas station was quite . I wait for him to make the first move , I knew he wanted it . I could see it in his face but , like the gentlemen he is , he was on some ladies first type shit lol . We reached the gas station .

"When I come back be out of those pants " he said

What ? I said laughing .

He gave me a couple of seconds to prepare I guess . He got back in the car and we were on our way to his apartment . He had to grab a few things because he was staying the night with me . We walk in , it's pitch black . The place was a mess . He walked to the kitchen and he grabs some of things . I'm on my phone just scrolling threw my Instagram . I never see the kitchen like go out , he comes up infront of me and takes me phone out of my hands .
He turns me around .
"Bend over " he says . I felt the inside of me weaken . He un ties the bow in my Victoria Secret sweats , & slips them off . Running his large hands across my butt and up my back he bends me over .
"Don't move" he says
I hear him unzip his pants
Everything in me is just begging for him to fuck me hard .
I arch my back as I feel him aligning his dick with my opening .
Without warning he shoves it in as deep as he can . We both let out loud
moans mine louder then his .
He began to slide his dick in and out of my pussy talking to me with every stroke .
"You like this , huh " he said
"Is it deep enough for you "
"Yess " , I moaned loudly
"Does it feel good"
With every stroke I fell In love he knew what he was doing . With every stroke every swirl he got me closer to getting off . My moans got louder the strokes got harder , deeper . My legs began to shake . He liked that . He pounded on me for maybe 5 more minutes , then he pulled it out . If only you knew how heartbroken I was .
As I lifted my back up he held me in place .
"Don't move , I'll be right back " .
A couple seconds later he was back .
He spread my lips and slid it back in he went as hard as he could , my low moans turned into screams . He was hurting me but , it felt so good . I wanted him to hurt me . I spread my legs so he could get in deeper . I wanted him in my stomach . His dick felt so good rubbing up against my walls . He began to moan right along with me .
"Ohh , why is your pussy so good"
I couldn't help but smile .
It was over .
I laughed as I pulled my sweats back up . That ride to the gas station took almost an hour . "What do you think they'll say when we get back ?" We both laugh . He shrugs .

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