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A/N August and Maliyah POV got deleted so...

I swea' everything I do ? I do it to protect Maya but, after today she wanna do what she wanna do than let her figure shit out on her own. I know Trey wouldn't do none on purpose to hurt her but, at the same time he a grown ass man learn how to control your liquor, You come into my house and try and rape my wife? Well maybe he wasn't trying to rape her, it was the way it looked but he fucked up with me even more last night, I walked in and heard her say "Trey, stop you're hurting me" and the nigga didn't have no nerve to get off of her? He had so much force on her arm that it left a bright ass mark on her wrist and you can tell that someone used force and squeezed her so hard, And you telling me he wasn't trying to rape you?

"Dad-Da!" Autumn called out for me

I sat up and took my mind off of Maya and went In her room and picked her up, "Yeah, Princess?"

"Where's mama?"

"Maliyah's" I said pulling a Maya on her own daughter

"Oh, what we gone do?"

"Hmm, what do you wanna do?"

"I just wanna be with you daddy"

"Well...Pumkin... Daddy's all yours today" I said kissing her cheek

"I love you daddy!"

"I love you too"

*Front Door Opens*

*Maya comes upstairs*

I looked at her and she walked to our room

"Hold on, one second baby girl." I said kissing her cheek and satting her down

I went and sat on the bed, "You looked stressed out, Everything good with Maliyah?" I asked sarcastically

"Yeah, she's fine." she said taking her jacket off

"Maya, How long we been together?"

"Couple years why?"

"When have I ever lied to you?"

"Never, August where the fuck you going with this?"

"I know you lied to me. I know you went and seen Trey."

"And?" She asked looking at me

"And.. I don't like it"

"August, Don't worry about me and Trey, There's nothing going on. He's just hurting."

"Yeah, making you look like a fool."

"Excuse me?" She asked looking at me

"Look, I ain't mean to make you mad but, he don't even care, he just trying to make you feel bad for leaving him so he can get you back and once he do, I'm not fooling with you no more. I'm gone still be there for the kids but, not you."

She looked at me, "Glad to see how you really feel"

"Maya, I'm just tired of being hurt by you"

"August, I ain't going no damn where." she said

"Maya, you don't know Trey's motive."

"Trey doesn't have a motive. He just told me I was better off with you. Okay?" She said going in the bathroom and locking herself inside

I sighed and grabbed Autumn and we went to the park

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