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When I was younger, I had this weird thought that I could control the rain, because it seemed to get lighter every time I would walk out into it, and get heavy again when I was under cover. It took me until I was about 12 to realise it only seemed heavier because it was louder when it hit the roof of whatever it was I was taking refuge under.

Unfortunately, the Rain Gods were no longer working under my command because it was absolutely pelting down, and I was walking through it. I could have ran, that would probably be the smarter option, but no. I was walking because I was wasting time, even if it would probably result in hypothermia, or at least a cold of some sort.

I was wasting time because I was going to the movies. With Ashton. And he was waiting in his car for me.

I told him not to come to my door so that we could avoid the whole 'question time' from my mother. So, that's why I had been walking through the rain to him, my hair getting wetter with each step. I walked around his car to the passenger seat and sat inside, feeling cold from the rain that was covering my clothes.

Ashton just looked at me with bewilderment.

"What?" I asked, pulling my seatbelt over me and trying to distract myself from the beauty sitting next to me.

"You just walked through the rain?"

"Well, I couldn't fly through it."

"Why didn't you just run?" He asked and I just shrugged, not wanting to tell him the real reason. "Fair enough, off to the movies then. How has your afternoon been?"

"Quite boring, really. How about yours?" Telling him that I had been spending the entire afternoon absolutely freaking out about our night we would be spending together didn't seem like a good idea. I watched his arms flex as he pulled onto the road and drove toward the cinema.

"Not too great. I was trying to cook some food for my brother and sister but I spilled egg everywhere as well as all over myself and my school clothes," He sighed. I had no idea that he was an older brother, and I smiled at the thought of him spending time with two young kids.

"I bet your mum wasn't too happy about that."

"She just laughed at me, told me that I make a great looking omelette. She even made a new nickname out of it, I'm now Eggs Benedash" He chuckled and I laughed, shaking my head.

"Your mum sounds cool."

"Yeah, she's lovely," Ashton said with a smile and I almost melted.

The rest of the drive was silent, and when we reached the movies Ashton and I jumped out and ran through the car park to get out of the rain. I waited in the food line while Ashton bought the tickets and then he joined me in the line.

"Oh, God," Ashton mumbled.

"What happened?" I asked, turning to him with a frown.

"Millie is here."

I looked around and saw Millie Anderson on the other side of the room with a few other girls I recognised from school.


"This is going to sound stupid but I've kinda liked her since, like, last year when I had Maths with her," Ashton groaned, his face turning slightly pink.

"Oh," I gulped, feeling sorry for him having to be stuck here with me. "You should go talk to her," Obviously I didn't actually want him to, and my entire insides cheered when he shook his head.

"I couldn't possibly talk to her. She's beautiful, and way out of my league."

That was far from the truth. Millie wasn't completely popular, she was kind of in-between, but everyone that knew her adored her. She seemed incredibly nice, and was good at almost everything she tried as well as definitely being one of the prettiest girls in our year, if not the entire school. With her bright green eyes, perfect straight white teeth, and wavy brown hair that stopped at the middle of her spine, her and her olive skin were envied by pretty much every girl at our school. I was one of those girls, and now with this new information that Ashton had liked her all this time I wasn't sure if I wanted to be her or destroy her.

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