Night 1 By Thomas "Tom" Drake

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        When we arrived to West in the finally repaired mini-van that Maria Drake once owned, we saw probably the coolest group of kids ever! A tall boy with a ball in his hair wearing a football jacket stood close next to a short girl who appeared to be his girlfriend with some other cool-looking kids. "You must be the Sunshine", said the boy I described. "Um- I don't anxiously play a sport at the moment", I said coldly. "Well here, we have an undefeatable team- and of course a good group of cheerleaders", said the boy. I noticed his girlfriend blushed when he mentioned cheerleaders. "Go West", she cheered calmly. "But I don't want to talk about that", I said. "I played for the Jonathons during football season, but now I play for the Sweezeville Stingers", said the boy, ignoring me. "Name's Antonio, your's?"

        Antonio stuck his hand out. "I'm Tom", I said without shaking his hand. "So what brings you Sunshine here?" "Night school, duh", I said. "I'm Tom, to my right is my best friend Hunter, to my left is my girlfriend Kaylie, the short one is Timids, the tall one is Jake, and the  girls are Sadie and Lisa". "Girlfriend?" Kaylie questioned sarcastically. "Well, girlfriend is very questionable indeed", I admitted to Antonio. "I getcha", he said friendly. "Stacy and I had that problem two a while back, but now we are a pure couple". His girlfriend, Stacy, laughed, and then Antonio laughed. "Just how old are you?" I asked Antonio, underestimating him. "Thirteen this May", said Antonio. I didn't even continue the conversatiom. As you know, we just all walked away from Antonio and his friends.

        We went down to first period, which was Health. "As some of you know, I am Mrs. Spoon", said the Health teacher at West. "If you do not know me, I was a very talented swimmer in my early years, I lifeguarded the Sweezeville City Pool when I was sixteen, which was when I knew I was made for health, so I majored in it at Sweezeville City University, and soon got my job as a health teacher here". She sounded so formal. 

        Next period was English on the second floor, and I'm telling you that because we don't have a second floor. A sign that West is better than us. After that, it was finally the time we all scheduled dinner time. "Where's the cafeteria?" I asked someone in a Jonathons sweatshirt on the way. "You must mean the Jonathans Sports Bar", said the student. "It's in the basement". "Thank you", I simply said.

        Why would there have been I sports bar in a school? Well I figured out soon. The sports bar was actually a griil & bar like place that was obviously Jonathons themed. "I'd like a booth for seven", I said to the hostess. "I'm sorry, but we don't have seats for seven", said the hostess. "If you'd like, you could sit at  the bar". Of course I  knew the only seat was in the bar, but the hostess made it sound likke an offering. 

        The bartender served us up with some grape soda and a platter of chicken fingers each. Across the bar ws Antonio, Stacy, and their friends. "Alright!" boomed Antonio. I noticed the Jonathons were playing a basketball game on the small TV screens above us. "There's a Boring residence in Sweezeville", said Sadie as she searched the web on her tablet. "It is currently owned by Mr. Burkley Boring, and but there are no registered current occupants... There's also an apartment owned by a Tyler Boring in Grand Jerry Apartment Building". "ISN"T THAT THE REALLY FANCY ONE BY THE GRAND JERRY RIVER THAT HAS PARTIES ON THE ROOFTOP EVERY NIGHT!" said Hunter. "It's true", said Lisa, "I live there". "YOU LIVE THERE!" said Hunter. "That's not important", I interupted. "We need a plan", added Hunter, "so Thursday night, I have like a bajillion old earpieces I could lend you, so I'm gonna call you on them while Tom disguises as a deliver boy in Lonny Drake's old delivery suit and walks into the house with a fake package. Sadie, you're gonna tell your moom you're going to Lisa's, but when you get to her apartment, you guys will actually go to Tyler Boring's apartment since he'll be out at the big parties. For all of you- LOOK FOR ANYTHING INTERESTING!"

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