Chapter 2. The Mystery Shack

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           WARNING!:Contains a few cuss words in this chapter so if u dont like it then dont read this! On with the story!

                   The cab driver continued what he was saying "Why don't you stop by the Mystery Shack?" Pewds agreed "Sure."

                       *20 Min later*

                        Pewds POV

              Finally  at the Mystery Shack. I grabbed my camera and did my usual intro "How's it goin' bro's mah name is Pewdiepie." "Another day in Gravity Falls, Oregon." "And our stop today is... The Mystery Shack." "...Yeah." I got to the doorstep and above the door I saw a sign and read it out loud to my bros "No refunds, Hear dat bros? No fucking refunds!" "I'm just playin'!" Then I entered.

                    Mabel's POV
          Oh My Gosh! Its Pewds!! EEE! I gotta tell Dipper! So I got my Shooting Star sweater on and Dipper came in I shook him excitedly "Oh My Gosh Dipper! You'll NEVER guess who just came to the Mystery Shack!" He sat on his bed and stuck his face in his Journal 3 then sighed "Don't care Mabel." I walked over to his side of the room and slapped the stupid Journal out of his hands "Hey! What did you do that for?!" I ignored that question and yelled "PEWDIEPIE IS HERE!!!" He sighed again in disbelief "Sure Mabel." To prove him wrong I grabbed him to the shop.

      We peeked behind the 'Employees Only' door and there he was... Pewdiepie. Dipper sighed in defeat then spoke "Ok Mabel you won." I smiled "Yes!"

            Author's  Note: Hey guys! Hope you're enjoying the story so far. Next chapter is when the action begins! Hope you're excited! Today I will post the Mulicrossover story that me and @sonadow27 have been working on for quite a long time. Hope u enjoy the next one! I dont own Gravity Falls that belongs to Disney!


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