Chapter 2. The Mystery Shack

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           WARNING!:Contains a few cuss words in this chapter so if u dont like it then dont read this! On with the story!
The cab driver was silent for a few moments. Cold air nipping Felix’s ears through the opened windows. Growing slightly uncomfortable, Felix swiveled in his seat, eyes absentmindedly scanning for an escape route if necessary.

The man spoke.

“I’m taking you to the Mystery Shack.”

To confused to argue- Felix complied

                      The ride lasted 20 minutes.

                       Pewds POV

             I can't deny I was interested. Interested in this place, the Mystery Shack had any importance at all. But I was also grateful. The feeling of fear radiating off my chest, as if the driver would harm me was intoxicating. Finally, as we pulled up to the shack I realized how unlikely it would be that the place was even open.  Despite this, a light was on and that was my cue to begin filming.

"How's it goin' bro's mah name is Pewdiepie. Another day in Gravity Falls, Oregon, and our stop today is... The Mystery Shack....Yeah."

A sign stood dominant, hanging proudly on top of the door. My voice began to ring loud, clear and crisp in the early morning air.

"No refunds, Hear dat bros? No fucking refunds!"

A dry laugh left my throat.

"I'm just playin'!"

Then- I entered.

                   Mabel's POV
         My eyes slowly fluttered open. Something felt off, as if a disturbance in our family's peace had taken place. Looking out my window, a face that I seemed to place instantly came to view. Though we were supposed to be sleeping, I.couldn't help the excitement flowing through my veins.

"Oh My Gosh Dipper! You'll NEVER guess who just came to the Mystery Shack!”

He paused, calming down from his heightened state. Eyes began to devour and decode Journal 3, pushing my excitement away, as if it was a parasite.

     “Mabel, I don't care about Wendy, or Candy, or whatever guy came”

But, I persisted, and soon enough, we were looking from behind the employees only doorway.


My voice spoke, calm, and dominating over my ‘little’ brother.

“That- is that pewdiepie...?”

A smile arranged on my face.

"Yes dipper. Yes it is"
            Author's  Note: Hey guys! Hope you're enjoying the story so far. Next chapter is when the action begins! Hope you're excited! Today I will post the Mulicrossover story that me and @sonadow27 have been working on for quite a long time. Hope u enjoy the next one! I dont own Gravity Falls that belongs to Disney!


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