Epilogue (Part 2)

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Melanie POV

I cover my mouth in shock and joy. I could feel tears already streaming down my face.

"Justin...." I immediately jump into his arms, forgetting about the breakup, and he twirls me around. "I can't believe it's you..." I start squeezing his arms, making sure he is real, "Oh good. I'm not dreaming."


Justin POV

I laugh, "The same old Melanie.. And how did you not recognize me?" I whine. C'mon, she was my girlfriend for about four years!

"Sorry, you did look familiar though.. It's just, your eyes threw me off. There are gray speckles in them, why were they not there before?"

"I have noo idea.. But they appeared a year after we left for college. I guess you can't really see my eyes through a computer screen." I remember all the times we video chatted, how I wished she was really in front of me, and now she is.

"Justin... I've missed you so fucking much!" She suddenly kisses my lips, intending for it to be just a peck, but I pull her back, starting a heated make out session, just like the good ol' days.

This.. This is the feeling I didn't have with my last girlfriend.

She pulls away, "Hey... How did you know I was still here in Binghamton?"

"Well... I remember you telling me you moved into a new apartment here, when we were still dating. So, I just took a lucky guess, and here we are," I smile.

"Oh..." She trails off. She untangles her arms from my neck, "Hey... Why did decide to come now? You're late," she says looking down. I could tell that she's hurt.

"Melanie... You know I was busy with college... I just finished too. That's one reason I finally came: time. And you could have visited me, ya know," I pout.

"We were both busy. But.. When I finally found time, we were broken up, and we both needed space."

"Oh... Well, the second reason..." I trail off.

She looks up at me, expectantly. "The second reason...?" She urges me on.

"... Is, my ex-girlfriend.." I finish. She tilts her head, probably confused as to what I meant. "You probably know that I broke up with my girlfriend five days ago, seeing how we just made out without you resisting.." She giggles at that statement.

"Well.... You're probably not gonna like this." She squeezes my arm in reassurance. "... We were in my apartment, kissing.." A flash of hurt and jealousy comes across her features, but I continue. "But.. It didn't feel right.. I didn't have that same feeling I had when I kissed you, held you.. At that moment, I realized I'm still in love with you... I gently pushed her away and explained to her my discovery: that I can't be with someone I don't truly love. She completely understood and left my apartment.... That's my second reason: realization," I finish.

She slowly nods, "I get it... Well, we're here now, together... Are you staying..?"

That question takes me by surprise.. Am I staying? I didn't know that I'd actually find her here, so I didn't really plan further than this. But I can't leave her again.. I love her too much. "... Not here, no." She looks devastated. "But... You can come back.. With me... I can't stay here, Mel.. I just got offered an amazing full-time job, that I can't refuse, and I just purchased a house.. I can't just leave that behind. And from what you told me back at the cafe, you only have a part-time job. So..." I trail off. "... You can come back with me."


Melanie POV

I'm torn.. "How can you just put that offer out there so suddenly? What about my life here? Is that not important in this decision?"

"W-what..? You want to be with me, don't you?"

"Of course I do! It's just... I can't leave this place.. It's like my second home."

"I think you should go," says a new voice.

Justin and I look behind me to see Christine leaning on the doorway into my apartment. "Christine! How long have you been standing there??"

"Not that long, but I could hear your conversation through the closed door, so I thought, 'why not eavesdrop on the two?' Anyway, I think you should go," she repeats.


"But what, Mel? You're gonna miss your crappy job and your shitty coworkers? You're gonna miss being mistreated by your boss? You're gonna miss this small, trashy apartment?.. You're gonna miss the 'single life'?.. You've been done with college for a year and you just stay in that room of yours when you don't have work. You should get out there, Mel... I remember the times you broke down because you were apart from this man... And don't worry about me. I have Liam, remember?" Suddenly, the said boy pops up behind her and hugs her from the back. "I wanted to get out of this apartment anyway. I can move in with Liam once this lease is over."

I look at her and cry tears of joy. "You're right.. Thank you for convincing me.. I'll miss you so much." I hug her and she hugs back.

"Well I had to do something, or you'd be missing the chance of a lifetime. You better not forget me, considering you have horrible memory."

"I won't ever forget you, stupid." We both giggle.

"So..." Justin finally says, "If the decision is final, then..." He got down on one knee and pulls out a box from his pant's pocket (A/N: Remember that box he had at the end of chapter 16? Yup! It's that one!).

I gasp, and more tears of joy start coming down my cheeks. I look like a mess.

"Melanie Lynn Hanford," he states my full name, "Will you marry me? I know this isn't the most romantic place to do this, but I feel it's the perfect moment. So, please do me the honor, of becoming Mrs. Melanie Allen."

I blurrily look at Christine, eyes moist and puffy. She nods excitedly, telling me to say yes. I look back to Justin.

"Yes.. Yes.. A thousand times yes!!" He puts an expensive-looking, diamond ring on my left ring finger. I start to jump excitedly, then crouch down to Justin's level and tackle him down with a hug.

We lay there, on the dirty ground in the middle of the hallway, just kissing and whispering sweet things to each other. Christine and Liam left us alone a while ago. We don't care who could see us, we could only see each other.

"We should invite all of our high school friends: Abby, Dan, Mike, Olive, Christian, and Lexi... I heard they're all still together," I suggest. "I also heard that Timothy finally got a girlfriend!"

He nods and pecks my lips. "So, what now?"

"Hmmm, you help me pack my stuff?"



Melanie Hanford is engaged to Justin Allen.
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