Sky's POV.

That's it, August comes to its end and I'm leaving my dear - fucking boring - France for good. Thanks mom. I don't actually know if I should thank her or not. I'll decide when I'll get there. It still pisses me off because she's doing that to put me back on "the right path", which means :

a) going to school everyday

b) stop partying and getting drunk/high

c) being more polite

d) making nice friends

Yeah mom, like I'm going to change dramatically just because I live on the other side of the planet... Anyway, maybe I'll meet cute boys in Sydney, who knows ?


So we had a 24 hours flight ! Can you believe it ?! I think I'm going to sleep for a whole month... Anyway my new house is pretty cool, way bigger than my house in France. That's a good point. We spent a week to settle everything and my bedroom is finally looking great. I painted the walls in black and hung up many light strings, LPs covers, a unicorn head, mirrors, drawings, angel wings and photos. I'm glad because my dressing is huuuge and as I have many many many clothes it is like I own a little shop (even if I always wear the same outfit : black skinny jeans, black combat boots, black oversized sweater.).

Sydney is a cool city, I have to admit it. It's dynamic, sunny, and really big. It's a big change for me, I used to live in a really small town where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. Here, I can be whoever I want. That is sooo exciting.

My mom has found a job at an architect office and my dad is still in France for work. Me ? I start school tomorrow. And I'm supposed to walk to get there because it's "only" 20 minutes away. Fuck. I'm really not used to that. Plus, I'll have to wake up super early... I've already picked my outfit : no surprise... in black from head to toe.

I'm so not in the mood... Highschool is really my personal hell. Hopefully i'm fluent in English, which will ease things a bit. But still... I know I won't make any friends. Because I don't want any, and because people usually hate me before they even get to talk to me. Maybe they feel the aura of contempt emanating from me... Yeah I'm not one to socialize. I'm more of a lone wolf. Rude and reckless. I just don't give a fuck about anyone and anything. Maybe I should walk around with a "leave me alone" sign, especially when I'm not in a good mood (which is literally 90% of the time), for the people who don't get that I'm a mean moody bitch at first sight.

May tomorrow be a bearable day...

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