December 31st~11:56 pm

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     "Hey Cas, how bout you meet me behind the staircase after this song?" Dean whispered into Castiel's ear. It was Sam's idea to have some fun this year and invite some people over to celebrate the new year. Cas was casually talking to Charlie and a few other hunters. He and Sam had pushed the tables in the library to the side to make space for people to dance and hang out. Dean made his way over to the staircase. The radio warned him there was only four minutes left until the clock stroke midnight. This was the night, he knew it. It was the night they would both remember for the rest of their lives.

     The festive song came to an end as Dean glanced up to see his angel casually strolling over. Damn he looks good in that blue tie, Dean couldn't keep his eyes off him. His vibrant green eyes made contact with Castiel's ice blue ones. They stare didn't break until Cas stood inches from Dean. "Hello Dean," Cas said with a smile creeping up his face. "I'm not complaining, believe me, but why did you tell me to come over?"

     "Well, you see down here on earth, on the new year, their is a little something special we like to do at midnight." Castiel seemed completely captured in his words. "And you do it with one person, a special person," Dean continued.

     "Am I a special person?" Castiel asked.

     "Umm, well thats why I asked you over." A hot blush erupted from Dean's freckled cheeks. The radio suddenly started the countdown. 10...9...8...7...6. "It goes a little something like this." As the countdown reached 1, Dean leaned in and slide his arm around his angels waist and pulled him into him. Their lips touched and the burning started. Dean could feel the angels cheeks flush with heat as their lips meet. He knew his were burning too. 

     Around them people were cheering, welcoming in the new year. Their lips parted for a moment. Castiel smiles and whispers, "I find I rather enjoy this tradition."

     "Yeah, I think it's a pretty damn good one," Dean smirks.

     The evening continues with music and dancing and some kisses; when Sam was preoccupied of course. A kiss behind a bookshelf. A kiss in the kitchen. A kiss in the original, sacred staircase spot. As they pulled away from their last kiss of the night Dean grabs Cas' hand and says, "Happy New Year Cas." The angel responds, "Happy New Year Dean."

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