Chapter 31

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** January 13 **

Dewayne's POV -

I was just sitting down on the couch . And I heard Kara scream.

So I run to our room and see what's wrong and I see her standing up holding her tiny little belly saying " its time "

" What??" I said in confusion

" Nigga my water broke !!" She yelled

" Oh shit . " I picked her up and carried her to the car then I hurried and got the keys.

She got in the car and I didn't even close my door yet but I was already driving .. 

When we finally got to a stop light I closed the door and sighed.

" I'm so happy " She said

I didn't say nothing I just worried about the road and being able to see my new twin baby girls.

As we arrived at the hospital it was 6:10 but we left the house at 5:50 . I helped Kara and rushed into the hospital.

" My girlfriend is pregnant !" I yelled

I immediately heard a nurse and she came and got her . Then two doctors came and next thing I know they in one of the rooms.

* 30 mintuez later *

" Pushh !!" The doctor yelled

Kara pushed as hard as she can and I seen a head.

" I see the head . Push one more time" I said

"Okay " She said in pain

As she pushed I heard the beautiful cry of my first born baby girl .

They immediately got the first one and started to clean her up and Kara was already pushing again .

It was quicker for the second because she was smaller than the other one.

" Baby Girls !" the doctor said

" We knew " Kara said smiling which made me smile.

" My babies " I said

" Their names?" The doctor said

" Kemani and Keyanna. " Kara said .

" Beautiful baby " I said smiling

I got Keyanna ( which was the smaller one ) as Kara held Kemani..

They are all so beautiful.

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