Part 5

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Your time to shine

It was my time to shine, the act before me was going into their last verse. This was our big break; opening up for KRS One, the venue is the Thekla in Bristol. The Thekla is a cargo boat and stationed in the Mud Dock area of Bristols floating Harbour.Was it coincidence that at the point where slaves were brought into England was now the venue for the children of slaves to entertain? KRS was one of my favourite rappers but this time I wanted to outdo him. The night before we were the opening act of three, KRS liked our set and asked if we could go just before them. I sat in the dressing room in silence; I was focusing on what I had to do. I was going over again and again through the perfect set. The venue was packed, the boat moving with the water, back and forth like a metronome. The ceiling was low and wet, the crowd waiting to be rocked. The MC introduced us and the crowd went nuts, I strolled out confidently and all I could smell was the water. Our backing track began to play and I started to spit my verse. As I rhymed I moved from side to side, I was feeling this. I looked up and the whole crowd bar none were moving with me. I was like a snake charmer and I was in total control. A human metronome causing the whole crowd to move with me and in turn the whole boat rocked. For the fifteen minutes the set lasted this was the peak of my climb. I left the stage so pumped up. It got even better when KRS called me out for his finale, yeah I was shining. Top of the pops had nothing on this. After the show we all went out to eat KRS didn’t say much but he did say, you guys are dope. “I loved what you guys did tonight; you gotta come to the Bronx.” “For real, I’d love to.” He was no longer this hip hop icon he was my peer and it felt good. We touched fists and then conversation drifted back to what it usually did. The girls in the crowd, we could spot the needle in the haystack, like we had a sixth sense.

People often told me that I would shine with the microphone in my hand; I was in my element. Some people are called to teach, some to play sport, some to act, I was skilled in verse. We are all destined for something and part of the journey we are on is discovering our calling. We all have a skill set we have been blessed with. Many never get the backing needed to ride the storms and deal with the failures they suffer along the way. Failure is a stepping stone to success. I always take inspiration from people who use failure as a Launchpad to succeed. We weren’t made to hide our gifts, we are the crown of creation we are designed to shine. My talent is God’s gift to me and how I use it is my gift to God.

“Shine your light, shine it bright.

Gonna get hype, gonna get hype.

In the darkness watch us glow.

When trouble come’s watch us grow.

Watch my flow, watch it watch it.

Unu listen but you can’t de-code it.

Standing firm like a pillar.

Wisdom winner strength I figure.

Free world do you wanna enter.

In the centre, Spiritual mentor.

Gonna breath till theirs no breath left.

Gonna step from the rep with a clean intellect.

It be the Free world keep it in check.

I’m gonna shine bright no time left.

Wanna get hype, wanna get hype.

Out of the darkness into the light”.

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