Bad Relationship

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Bad Relationship

I am violently awoken by a slamming of a door. I shoot up in bed and instantly begin to shake and sweat. I check my phone and see it’s 2:30am. I look over at the empty side of the bed, where my boyfriend, Justin, was supposed to be sleeping. After hearing some more loud noises, I get up and go check out what is going on.

I wake up feeling sore all over, especially around my stomach and upper thigh. I can feel dried tears on my face. I stumble to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. My jaw drops as I see a huge bruise on my left cheek. Then it all comes back to me. I remember coming down stairs, seeing Justin, he looked mad. I could tell instantly he was drunk, really drunk. I remember him hitting me, then I blacked out. I shut the bathroom door and locked it. I stirpt down to check my other wounds. I have more bruises on my stomach and my thighs. I feel tears streaming down my cheeks as I examine my bruises. They hurt so bad, I can feel them throbbing intensely. I shutter at the thought. I hope Justin left. I don’t remember much about last night. I put my face into my hands and cry. Then I hear my footstep. They are getting closer. I put my hands over my mouth to stop myself from making any noises. I choke back the sob as I hear the step getting louder. Then I hear a man’s voice.

“(Y/N)?” the voice said. It was a familiar voice, but I couldn't make it out. I just hoped it wasn’t Justin. A couple muffled sobs escape my mouth. I try my best to hold them back, but it’s hard considering the pain I’m in and the horror I feel.

“(Y/N)? Where are you?” the male voice says. It’s louder and clearer now. It was definitely not Justin. It sounded more like Thomas, my life long best friend. I quietly clothed myself and tried to hide the bruise on my cheek with my hair. I unlocked the bathroom door still not knowing where Justin is. I open the door to see Thomas standing in my living room, pacing nervously and scratching the back of his neck. Then he sees me. He looks me straight in the eyes. Then a smile appears on his face. He comes running over to me and pulls me into a hug. I wince a bit from the pressure on my bruises, but I try not to, so Thomas won’t notice. He pulls away, with a concerned look on his face.

“What happened?” he asks. I nervously put my hair back in front of my cheek, before he notices.

“What do you mean?” I ask, with a slight forced giggle.

“You texted me last night and said ‘Help me!’” Thomas explained. I don’t remember sending him a text. “So, I came here as fast as possible,” he finishes.

“Wait, weren’t you in America, filming the Maze Runner?” I asked.

“Yeah, but when I got your text, I took the first flight back here,” Thomas tells me. I instantly feel guilty.

“Well, I’m fine now. You can leave,” I exclaim. Nudging Thomas towards the door. He stands strong and turns around, facing me.

“What happened?” Thomas says sternly. Then he gasps slightly. His eyes widen as he notices my bruise. I nervously fix my hair so it in front of my cheek again, but I’m too late. Thomas moves the hair himself revealing my wound. He gasps again.

“Did… Did Justin…” Thomas trails off. I just nod slightly, a tear rolling down my bruised cheek. Thomas caresses my wounded cheek. I see tears forming in his eyes.

“How long has he been… doing this,” Thomas asks gesturing towards my cheek with his other hand.

“A long time,” I say, my voice cracking a bit as I do. Thomas shudder at the thought. Then he takes my arm and pulls me towards the door.

“Come on,” is all he says. I stop and he turns to look at me.

“Where are we going?” I ask nervously.

“Anywhere, but here,” Thomas exclaims, pulling me towards the door once more. I stop again.

“But what about Justin?” I ask, worried what he would do knowing I just left. I don't know I much more I could take. Thomas gets close to me, really close. He cups my cheeks and looks me in the eyes.

“I won't let him touch you, ever again,” Thomas said, sweetly. I closed my eyes, letting tears escape. I relax my face into his hands. Then I lay my head on his chest, crying slightly. Out of no where I hear a loud bang and some loud groans. They sound like they are coming from upstairs. My head shoots up, off Thomas chest as I hear a man’s voice cursing as he walks down the stairs. I shutter in Thomas’ arms as he pulls me in tighter. I know what’s coming next, so I try to push Thomas out the door, so he doesn’t get hurt. He stumbles a bit, with a confused and hurt look on his face. But then he stands straight and walks up to Justin with clenched fists and anger growing in him with every step. I feel tears in my eyes as I see what happens next.



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