chapter 3

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my eyes widened when i realised who was pinning to the wall

Niall Horan

I started to squirm and thrash around in his grip trying to get away but he just lauphed at me

"do you know who i am, love" he asked and i nodded my head "and you are tying to get away from me"?

i nodded my head agin and he took his hand away from my mouth "i dont like One Direction" i snpped "Now get off of me"

"and where would the fun be in that" he smirked "you know ive been looking for you"

"what" i sputtered looking at him in shock

"im pretty sure you heard me the first time love" he grinned "now whats your name"

"nine of your buisness" i snapped

"oh everything about you is my buiness" he smirked and he pinned my arms above my head with one hand and cupped my chin with the other

"get off of me" i yelled but he shook his head. he gently stroked my cheek with his thumb and i couldnt help the gasp that escaed my lips becasue of the tingles where travling through my body.

"if you dont like one direction then why are you at our concert" he asked gripping my chin tightly and forcing me too look at him when i turned my head to the side

"im here with my sister and her friends" i muttered squirming in his grip "it was her birthday present"

"niall mate were are you" i jumped slightly when Zayn Malik appreared at the end of the corridor and he walked over to us smirking at me

"you found her then" he said looking at me

"uh huh" niall nodden an i glared at him

"what do you mean youve found me" i demaned i was so confused and honestly a bit freaked out

"it means i founed you" nial shrugged and i couldnt help but roll my eyes

"look im pretty sure you are going a bit mentle can you please let go of me, i need to get back and find my sister and her friends" i said getting irritated

"im not letting you go" niall said with a blank expression

"seriously" i yelled "get the hel l away from me"

"i think i heard zayn and niall down here" a girl screamed while niall and zayn froze

"sh*t" i heard zayn muttered and i managed to push niall away then i was ready to run but he cought me around my wrists and and started to pull me closer to him "where do you think your going love" he whispered in my ear

"get away from me" i hissed and my eyes darted towards the end of the hallway as i heard footsteps and the voices of teenage girls

"no" niall said

"if you dont i will scream rape" i warned my voice completely serious

"no you wont" zayn chukkled and i took a deep breath and rose my eyebrows at them

"HELP! RAPE! IM GETTING RAP-mmnnnfdgddnm" niall slammed his cand over my mouth and glared at me

"niall mate lets just wait till after the concert we can get her after the show" zayn said putting his hand on nialls shoulder niall was quiet for a moment but nodded and let go of me

"ill see you later"he smirkked and walked off leaving me standing there in shock

"not bloodly likely" i mutered and quickly made my way back to the arena where i left makenzie and her friends

"are you alright" she asked looking up at me with a small frown on her face "you face if pale like you just saw a ghost"

"im fine" i lied as kiss you started playing

i wasnt fine i was freaked out

who knew one direction were a bunch of wierdos


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