Pink Head

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Juvia POV
"Juvia-San...Juvia-San!" A barking low voice snapped me awake. Ow, my cheek is really sore...what happened to me?

When my vision had scoped, Gray-sama's face was really close to mine! I suddenly jolted as my heart couldn't keep up. 

"S-Sorry!" He inched back and chuckled, "you alright?" He asked, "does it hurt?"
"J-just a little." I spoke, then I remembered that before I switched classes, saw Gray-sama outside and it went all black from there...

"You didn't have to protect me." Gray-sama said poking my forehead. "I'm fine on my own."
Then everything came back to me.
He's got the wrong idea! I didn't mean to question his manliness. Unless he's referring to something else apart!

"Juvia just-"
He silenced me with his finger on my lips.  "Just rest."

I felt like I was about to faint! W-what is Gray-sama doing! My heart skipping beats, it was all too much for me!
Gray POV
I decided to leave after checking up on her condition. Shutting the door behind me, I notice that Natsu was leaning against the wall with such a still expression.

"Hey, she alright?" Nastu asked carrying his blazer, in his arms. "How she look'in?"
"Nothing to get worked up about. You should apologize." I said, slapping his shoulder.

"Why? She ran in herself? She's just another one of those Fangirls who fines way to spend time with us. Really, they annoy me so much." Nastu confessed.
"That's not it." I replied, as he was wrong about Juvia being associated with the school's Fangirls that lurk at every corner.

"Nastu-kun, Gray-kun. Are you free after school?" A group of girls surrounded us in the hall. Batting their eyelashes and puckering their apple red lips. Speak of the devil.

"Nah, I'm meeting up with someone." Nastu started to walk away. "See yeah Gray."

"What! Natsu-kun, you can't be serious right? I thought she was no more than a measly friend of yours." The girls complained.
Natsu lightly chuckled from their words, "think whatever you want to think. Bye." He left.

"Tsk. She's just messing with our Natsu-kun!" The girls started talking amongst themselves. "What about you Gray-kun?" They asked me.
"Sorry, I'm busy with the student council." I let them down, "maybe next time."
"Of course! A promise okay?" Their tails wagged.

I can understand why Natsu find these girls kind of tiring to deal with. They just don't know what "no" sometimes.
Juvia POV
"J-chan, I heard that you got injured! Did you really get punched by Nastu! Are you okay?!" Levy grabbed my arm as I was leaving the infirmary. Lucy was with her too.

"Juvia is fine." I just to relieve them.
"Why did he punch you?!" Lucy-San questioned as she wrapped her hand around her wrist, covering a bracelet.
"Yeah, tell us!" Levy shook my arm.

"Juvia saw Nastu-san and Gray-sama fighting outside, Juvia had to stop them before they were caught." I explained.
"Ah...that was the reason." Levy-chan seemed very displeased and crossed her arms.
"For future references, try not to intervene with their fights. Honestly, they constantly bicker and throw hands very often." Lucy-San said.

"I guess being on student council for Erza must be a thrill. Especially dealing with those but jobs." Levy sighed.

"Oh that reminds me. You know, the president of the student council right? Well, she is the leader of the Fairy Tail club. Consisting mostly of helping students in the school community." Lucy brought up.

"You should join us! There are lot of people there that you should meet." Levy hugged my arm. "It'll be fun."

"Maybe Juvia should join..." I thought it over as thinking that having clubs on my resume would be good.
"Yay! Hehe, Juvia do you know that your special Gray is apart of the Fairy Tail club too?" Levy grinned and looked at Lucy who made a mystic smile.

Hehe...why do they look so suspicious?
I'm such a nervous wreck! I hid behind the two as we walked into the classroom holding the club. Then, the red haired Queen had presented herself with such grace!

"Welcome, Juvia-San." Erza-san bright fully greeted me and shook my hand. "Let me introduce you to the other current members."

"Of course, you already know Levy, Lucy, Nastu and Gray here. The one with white hair is Mirajane, the giant besides her is Elfmen, the younger brother. There's Jet, Droy, Laxus, Freed..."
So many names to memorize...

"This is Sensei Makarov, he's the supervisor."
"Hello, young one." He bowed his head.
"H-hello! Nice to meet you." I bowed back and saw how small he actually was.

"So many people." I looked around me, like there was no end to them. But it was nice to know that there was so many people willing to help others.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail." All of them said in a unison.

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