chapter 4

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a sigh of relief escaped my lips when one direction ran off stage. i was over. i could finally go home and forget about that weird insindent with niall earilier "okay girls" i said looking at makenzie and her friends "lets go

"can we go to the loo first" izzy asked and i sighed

"fine i nodded "quickly go now though before they all get packed" i followed them out of the emptying arena and waited in the hall for the girls as i waited Zayns comment popped into my head

"we can get her after the show"

he surely just kidding around right? what happened eaelier wasnt actually serious

was it?

even if it was, im surrounded by crazy fan girls, if they show themselves now theyll get mauled

i didnt have anything to worry about. did i? i still couldnt help the tiny biy of doubt in the back of my mind. it was just a nagging pit of worry and it just wouldnt go away.

"hurry up guys" i muttered, leaning back against the wall i wanted to get away from here as soon as posible.

"done" makenzie announced as they walked out of the toilets "oh and julia"

"yeah mak?"

"thanks for bringing us today" she said grinning brightly up at me "i know you dont like one direction that much"

"its alright" i smiled giving her a side hug "you had fun and thats all that matters, right?"

makenzie nodded and i ushered her and her friends ahead of me "we really have to go now" i said and we make our way threw the bust crowds of girls i kept one hand firmly wrapped around makenzies hand and she held her friends. i couldnt go loosing anyone

when we stepped outside the crisp cold air hit me immediately and i regretted wrearing shorts and stared enviously at the girls as they hauled massive coats on. we started to slowly walk away from the arena with the tall lamp post illuminating the walk.

"hey" we all stopped and turned around to see someone with curly hair running towards us

"oh my gosh" olivia squealed making me jump in fright

"what" i asked raising my eyebrows at her

"its harry styles" izzy said dreamily and dread filled me

its just a coincidence right

"hi girls" harry said stopping in front of us

"h-ji h-harry"makenzie stuttred and i rolled my eyes slighly

"youve been chosen to come back stage and meet us" he smiled at us and i frowned when he caught my eyes and gave me a knowing look

"OHMYGOD" mak olivia ad izzy screamed"

"can we julia" makenzie yelled looking up at me hopefuly

"girls we cant i have to get you home its already half past ten and its a school night for you girls" i said and turned to harry "thats for the offer but we must be get going"

"only ten minutes" harry blurted out quickly and i raised my eyebrows at him "come one look at their faces"

mak olivia and izzy all turned to me with pleading looks "no " i refused crossing my arms over my chest "not going to work "

"please julia"makenzie whined

"yeah please julia its a chance to meet one direction"olivia yelled and i sighed

"okay fine but only ten minutes" i groaned

"yayyyy" the girls squealed and harry laughedslightly

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