chapter 1: poke

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You blinked, your hand immediately going to your back where you had felt the nudge, only for nothing to be there. Sighing, you decided to get back to work.


The corners of your lips twitched slightly, choosing to ignore whoever or whatever was deciding to bother you. You were going to take the high road and not get mad.

...Until you felt the touch linger, moving from your lower back to in between your shoulders and back again.

Turning around so abruptly that your paperwork went flying everywhere, you huffed, fists clenched in frustration. "Go away!" Panting, you gathered your things and put them back onto the desk, running a hand through your hair.

Across the river, in the room parallel to yours, Gin snickered, elongated zanpakuto in hand. With the simple flick of his wrist, the dull edge of his blade ran up and down your back once more, making you stiffen and slam your palms onto your desk. Gin merely withdrew his zanpakuto, grinning.

You were just so amusing to mess with

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