That Feeling

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*Harrys pov*

Did you ever get that feeling? That feeling of safty that was so strong that you felt like nothing could hurt you? That feeling of butterflys in your stomach but in the best way possible but there were so many butterflys that you felt like you were going to flying in the sky? That feeling of love that was so amazing so strong so incredible that you felt the love in the air in the wind,sky, clouds, world, space, univers, galaxy? Thats how I feel when I hold his hand. I love holding his hands because I feel all these emotions all these feelings that I hope will never stop. That I know will never stop.

I never thought I could love someone so much and that they would love me back. I always knew he was perfect for me and im so happy that he feels the same. Its amazing knowing that one person can love you with all there heart and you love them with all of yours. Im so grateful for him I hope he never leaves. And the way he makes the world so much better is just amazing.

But one thing I will always love is having Louis and holding his hand.

Ok well hi um this is one part of the one shot the next part will be louis pov sorry for any errors im not the best with spelling. Well I hope you all enjoy bye *hugs you*

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