The Attack

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We followed the group back to the dormitory and everyone socialized as soon as the sisters left.
I could barely hear. The sounds washed over me. I began to breath heavy. Marina and Ella seem to be having the same problem-our heightened senses are taking in too much. We run to the door and slam it closed behind us.

I find blessed silence when the door slams closed. Ella lets out a relieved breath. Marina straightens her shirt. We look at each other and suddenly burst out laughing. The hallways echo. I try to stop and just explode into a fit of laughter. They cough and laugh. I catch my breath when I stop.

They stop too and Ella suddenly gets an idea. "Let's go play in the snow!" Marina agrees and Ella pulls me outside after them. The snow crunchs and Marina gets an evil smile on her face. A snowball flys from the ground and I run, laughing. It zips around, following me, and Ella runs and pushs Marina into the snow and falls beside her. The snowball falls to the ground.

I stand over them. I lift snow from the ground and drop it on top of Marina. Ella rolls away, startled, and I grin. I grab Ella's hand. "Run!"

The snow flies off Marina and she chases us around a tree. We roll under the huge branches. "Shhhh!" I motion at Ella, grinning. Marina stops moving and then bends down.

The expression on her face spurs me to move. Before I can, the branches shake, and Ella tumbles out. All the snow on the tree falls on me.

I sputter and roll out, laying on the ground. Marina laughs above me, until I pull her feet from under her. She lands next to me on her back, still laughing. Ella stands to the side, and Marina and I must have had the same thought, because we both gently pull Ella onto the ground beside us. We all laugh and I feel content. I feel happy. I'm among my own species, we're having fun, and for one moment the entire alien life is forgotten. We're 3 girls, laughing in the snow.

Marina gets up after some minutes. "We should go back in, rec is about to end." Ella gets a sad look on her face, but gets up. I get up and follow them.

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