shellby was a born on novmeber 13 1992 her mother was janet katen her father was her mothers pimp, she grew up into drugs and pimping and money flow. anything she wanted big daddy jacklove would get it for her, say the word baby girl and daddy will get it for you, say the word and daddy wil make it happen , anything. so it wasnt hard to find out that tony was buying x from her brother JJ, shellby got whatever she wanted without a worry, she had her daddy's boys on stand by at all times, her 2 brothers JJ, jaxon. her uncles celo, carmelo,jammie, her daddy's best friends neko, john john, franky and jody. just one text to send just one . all she had to do to get what she wanted was just say something to freak him out and it did, so she got what she wanted, and now she paying for it by getting that ass beat.

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why did you fuck my man huh hoe why?!! because i wanted to see what he tatste like and he tasted good too. well bitch i guess you like the taste of my pussy, because we just fucked that morning and he didn't even take a shower, i slamped her head once more into the wall and let go of her weave and walked out her aparment.

i went back to the elovator and seen tony standing there, i walked up to him, i will never forgive you for this bullshit this is the most stupidest thing you have ever, i walked pasted him and pressed the botton to get back on the elevator and he came up behind me and said, so what does this mean for us? i turned around, it means your not staying the apartment still and your not going to for a while i dont trust your ass i just can't see your ass right now, the elevator's doors open and i got inside by myself and went back up and walked at the was to my aparment, open the door and seen tasha on the ground picking up her shoes and her keys, girl where did you go i couldnt find you. oh i fell alseep on your bed, oh well are you leaving? yeah timmy is taking me on a date tonight babygirl so i gotta got home get dress and sobber up because i think he's going to pop the question tonight eeeee. i laughed and faned her out, go go go girl, she ran out with a smile, i closed the door and walked over to the fridge and looked inside to see nothing but some milk, i guess i have to get some food, i walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see my hair crazy and my face is dirty, i washed my face and brushed my hair in a bun, i walked to my closest and pulled out my Victoria secret pink jump suit, i grabbed my keys off the table and walked out the door locking the it and walked to the elovator and pressed the button and got in and went down the lobby and walked to parking lot , i walked to my car and unlocked it and drove out of the parking lt, and drove to the nearest food store which was max's market. i pulled in and parked and walked in and looking around for a cart to use, i grab the cloest one and put my purse in, and start to look around for stuff to get, apple juice wine pepsi, i picked up some more popcorn and some chips and some ice cream and some pizzas, i got some cheese and pepperoni to make snacks, i also got a lot of steaks and bacon and eggs and cimmon rolls, i spent 304 just on junk! oh well i didnt buy it, thanks tony for the card. i walked out and put them in the car and hopped in and drove to walley"s best homemade anything Italian, because im in love with with Italian food, i order the family pack even though im by myself, i drove back home and walked in through the hallway to see a guy standing by the door, hi can i help you? yeah you saria? yeah why, we need to have a talk walk inside.

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