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Trey pov

Kelly, Chris and I are all going up to the hospital I know letoya has done some stuff in the past but I know Aaron would want me to be here for her and that's what I'm gonna do.

We walked into the hospital, Kelly was carrying Chris.

"Hi I'm trey is a letoya luckett here?" I asked the secertary looked from me to Chris and Kelly.

"Yes she's in room 205" she said "okay" I nodded

I turned to Kelly. "Do you want to come" I asked she rolled her eyes "No" she said with a attitude.

"Kay I'll be back" I said before turning to walk to where letoyas room was.

When I got in the room, letoya was laying in bed but she didn't look in pain at all.

"Awww trey I knew you'd come" she said I knew it she was on epidural. I didn't say anything I walked up to her bed.

"Thank you" she smiled and forcefully grabbed my hand. Which made me feel nervous.

"The doctor said it should be anytime now" she said

I Still didn't say anything. "Trey" she said my name

"Yeah" I asked "Did you bring Kelly" she asked

I nodded "yeah"

"I dont know what you see in her" she scoffed

"She's my wife" I answered "Trey come on" letoya laughed wow epidural works great.


"Trey I know the reason why you came" she sat up "excuse me?"

"Trey" she breathed before pulling me into a kiss I can't believe letoya damn it kelly was right.

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