Chapter 41-

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*end of movie.*

Luke and I are walking back to my house. I realized during that movie that I have feelings for hayes still. I just like Luke as a brother. We stop at a random shop.

"Why are we stopping?" I ask. "I was wanting to ask you... Umm... Would you be my girlfriend?"

I stared at him. I look down then back up at him. "Luke. I just like you as my brother. I'm sorry. This must be upsetting for you. It's just you were there with me when I was little. You took care of me as well. I just want it to be like that. I love you but only as a brother." I say.

He looks at the ground. His hands fall to his side. "You ok?" I ask. I go to put my hand on his shoulder put he pushes it away. "Luke?" "Leave me alone ok!? I care for you! I love you! But No you care for hayes!! The guy who left you and moved on. I was by your side and you just meet this boy and you go out with him!? Are you seriously that desperate? What about the fans? Huh? They hate you! But I was there when you had that mental meltdown of yours. I was there!! I can't believe I ever thought asking you out. You will always be dead to me." He says then backs up.

"Luke. Your acting up about this? Your my brother." "Not anymore! I can't stand you. You worry about yourself. You think you have it rough? Please. Your life is hell I know but you don't care about anyone else." "Would you stop saying that?" I scream.

"What's wrong? Going to cry like a little baby? Suck it up! I'm never going to be around you anymore. Go live your famous life. I'm tired of you! I don't want anything to do with you." "Luke!" "No forget you. I hope you go to hell for all you caused. I was always there through thick and thin. But you still choose hayes. I. Hate. You. Casey dallas."

My heart breaks in two. I can't believe he just said that to me. "Luke please." "No! Don't even text me anymore." "Is this what you wanted? For me to feel crap!? Congrats cause it worked! I loved you! Ok? You were the one to choose to stick by me ... not me! How dare you say that to me. Remember what happened when you were 10? I was there I got abused because of what I did!"

"Don't put that on me." "No I will. I had a normal childhood until you came! Dad started drinking. He abused you and when I was going to save your sorry ass that's when I got abused! All you Luke!" He runs to me and he starts sobbing. "Don't your ever put those on me! I protected you. Ok?"

"You did a poor piss job at it." "You chose to save me." "Like you chose to stick by me." He hits a wall and cries. I walk to him. "Luke." I softly say. "No. I meant what I said. I. Hate. You." He then runs off. "Luke!!" I scream.

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