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Nate carries me all the way back to my bedroom, and lays me in bed.

"Do you need help changing or anything?"

"No I'll sleep in this. Thank you." I smile.

"Ok." He smiles back, and starts walking toward the door.

"Nate hold on. Come here." I say, and he walks to the foot of my bed.

"Closer." I say, and he walks right beside me.

"Come here." I say so that he bends down, and hovers over me.

"A little more." I say, and grab the collar of his shirt, pulling him closer, and closer till he's so close that his nose is almost touching mine.

"This is the last time." I say, and before he can question it I bring his lips to mine.

I let go of his collar, and he brings his hand up to the side of my face. I lay there mesmerized by the feeling of warmth and softness of his lips on mine. I suddenly feel his hot tongue slip into my mouth, and brush against mine. He crawls on top of me, and moves his hand down to my side. I almost can take it anymore but this can't go further. We shouldn't even be doing what we're doing. I try hard to fight the urge but I succumb to temptation, and snake my hand down to the button of his pants. I start fumbling around with it, and Nate starts kissing me harder and deeper. He tongue tastes like pure whiskey, and his kiss alone is intoxicating me. I unbutton his pants, and start to slide my hand down his boxers. The butterflies in my stomach feel like they're trying to break free, and I feel like I'm about to explode.

"Stop." Nate says and quickly sits up. "Jane I'm sorry, you're right. We can't. We can't do this. We can't do this to each other." He says before jumping off of me.

I don't say a word. What could I say? I just got done telling him about how we can't do this, and here we are, doing this. But even though I can't blame him doesn't mean this hurts any less.

"I'm sorry." He says one last time before walking out the door.



Time goes by, and drift off to sleep. I'm awoken by someone crawling in the bed beside me. I don't even know who it is but it's got to either be Jack or Nate, and either way I need them. Maybe Jack can fill the void I feel for Nate. I lean up, and bring my lips to theirs. As soon as my lips touch theirs I know who it is.

"Damn baby, have you been waiting for me?" He slurs.

"I just need you to fuck me." I say.

"Let's do it then."

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