Stupid Recital

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Stupid alarm. Its only 8:30! Ughh why do I need to go to this stupid piano recital for my brother?!

"Katie! Are you up?!" My mom shouts.

"Yeaahh" i shout back.

Ok so what to where. What to wear.

Oooooh cute!

Wearing a dress most defiantly.

Ok don't think I'm a girly girl. But I wear dresses because my shorts are all dirty. I realllyyy need to do laundry haha.

I walk to the bathroom. Hmm my wavy hair is looking decent for once yay! I quickly wash my face and put on mascara. Then I rush downstairs.

"Good morning, Katie." My dad says as I rush down the stairs.

"Time to go!" My mom shouts. " we're taking the silver car! Lets go!"

My bother hops in the car. My sister, who must always be on her period, waits.

"Get it fatty. Im not sitting in the middle." My sister Becka sneers.

I climb in the car.

I plug my headphones in and turn on kickin it, by Dylan Dauzat. I hate car rides so much.

"Why do you listen to that stupid song?" My sister says after she pulls my headphones out.

"Ow. Cuz i want to." I say back put my headphones back on.

The rest of the ride was quiet.

We've been driving for awhile. I'm pretty sure we're almost to the recital place.

I glance up to see where we are. Right as I focus theres a car. Driving straight at us;

(authors note: picture above is the dress she picked out)

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