chapter 3

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In the forest, it was pitch black... And their where more screeching noises piercing his ears like a blade.

"What the hell is that noise!?" Tom yelled

"I don't know, but I think it might be looking for us, we better work through the forest and get to help. I hope we can get help once we push through this... C'mon lets move."

So they began to run as fast as they could. Even though Tom had a gash in his leg, he could tag along with Koa just fine. After running and dodging branches in the lush green forest. They stopped to take a break.

"You know where we're actually going?" Koa said in between deep heaving breaths.

"You're taking us to safety, right?" Tom responded.

"No, we're finding out where that noise is coming from, I stopped here because there's a cave right behind these trees, and I can hear the noise." Koa said.

"What are you freaking crazy?! You have no idea what that thing is or what it'll do to you... For all we know we could die the moment we look at it!" Tom yelled.

"I would rather die trying to kill whatever is making people kill themselves, rather than just running off and leaving the other people on this planet to die!"

"Fine, whatever. c'mon though, you just came because your 2 years older than me and were friends, we're only 14 and 16 dude!"

"I don't care, we're finding this out right now regardless."

After he said that Tom didn't respond, he just blindly followed along. Closer, and closer to the cave.

They finally made their way to the cave. The screaching noise was unbearable. It sounded like nails on a chalk board.

"Dude I am not goin in there!" Yelled Tom.

"Shut up!" koa Loudly whispered back to him.

After a while Koa finally convinced Tom to explore the cave with him.

"It looks dark in there, maybe we should get a light source.' Koa said

"Yeah I agree." Tom responded.

They were rumaging around when Tom yelled "Hey I found a match!"

"Awesome!" Koa responded.

They found some tar from the plane sight and wrapped it around a wood plank and used sap to allow it to stick to the wood well. Then Tom grabbed the match and hit it on the box and lit the torch.

"You ready?" Koa said eagerly.

"Lets go." Tom said in a worried voice.

They were now in the cave. The walls were covered with huge amount of green slime and the ground was ripped up.

"Hey look," koa said, "I see some footprints, we should follow them, then we can find the monster in this cave."

"Why do you want to find this monster anyway? If we find it what are we gonna do?"

"Were going to kill it." Koa responded quickly.

"With what?" He yelled.

"This torch, well burn it!"

"You're crazy." Tom mumbled back at Koa.

They kept walking through the cave with the screeching loud noises getting louder with every step they took. After they were walking for awhile they noticed the screeching had stopped.

"Hey Koa?"


"What happened to the screeching noise?"

"Oh yeah, you're right. what did happen, well lets stay low and keep quiet."

They kept walking and they heard steel clicking and clacking on the hard cold rock.

"What's that eerie noise?" Tom said.

"Shh," Koa responded, "just stay low and keep quiet. maybe the thing thats making that noise won't bother—

Koa was interrupted by the screaming of Tom.

"Somethings just bit my leg! It's really slimy!"

Koa ran up to see a creature that was made of the slime similar to the slime on the roof. It was dark snotty green and it had two steel mechanical legs and it's 5in fangs were gripping toms good leg.

"Stay still Tom!" Koa screamed.

Koa ran up the the creature and kicked it off toms leg then stabbed it with the flaming torch... Koa and Tom watched as the creature was making the screech they heard before, just higher pitch and louder. They covered their ears immediately and watched the creature melt and burn until there was nothing left but its steel fangs and legs.

"What the hell was that thing?" Tom almost screamed in fright.

"You think I know? Look, obviously there are more of these things so keep a look out for them and lets take to the left side of the wall so they can't catch us from behind."

"OK, sounds good." Tom responds to Koa.

They did what Koa had said and stayed to the right of the cave wall and followed it. The cave was getting slimier and slimier as they walked trwords the end of the cave where a tiny hole was that was bearly big enough to fit through.

"You first Koa. I don't want to get attacked again by those... those things." he said shivering in fear.

"OK, but you better follow me."

"I will." Tom responded.

As Koa was going through the hole he peeked at the other side. He saw a circular room made of a dark rock. The rock was seeping purple vapor into the domed room. Once Koa and Tom were both completely through the hole he noticed something dash by the torch.

"Hey get down Tom, I think it's another one of those creatures again."

Tom got down and Koa began to walk forward very slowly.

"Hey Tom I think I just—"

Koa heard Tom screams again. But this time it was drowning like he was being wrapped up or something.

Koa turned around just in time to see a dark slimy figure bigger than the one Koa and Tom saw earlier suck him behind the corner with the scraping of metal on rock.

Shortly after Koa heard the figure scream. The noise sounded like the loudest scrape on a chalk board he'd ever hear. He went down to his knees and covered his ears in the slimy cave and waited till the screeching stopped.

"I have to go after it, I can't give up now." He began running back through the hole where the creature pulled him.

As he was running the cave got really slimy. Koa almost slipped but he ran at the same speed and getting faster and faster.

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