A memory

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While I was on my way to the sand village, I started remembering how I met Gaara, during the chunin exams and what made me think of him as a special one. It was epic, but I love thinking about it.

I remember that day, I held on to the scroll among my teammates for some reason and somehow our followers knew that, and planned to end me up on my own, that is what I realized now because it only makes sense, pretty clever...

So it worked apparently, they chased after me and my team while we were moving around, we knew we were being chased, so our plan was to run until we find a space where we could face them because not all of my teammates can fight on trees, we kept running until my team started to fade away slowly without me knowing it, and eventually I was separated from them and became lost, on my own..

Looking on the bright side, my team is no longer in danger, however that's because now I'm the only one being chased, who has the scroll among my teammates, and that's not very good.

Yep and that's when sh*t hit the fan. I tried to run away from them but they caught up soon, I had no choice but to face them, I wouldn't just hand them the scroll because I didn't want to disappoint my team after all we've gone through, and besides we all know they would not hesitate to kill me after I hand them the scroll anyway.

So I did, I faced them with no fear, one of them was trying to be a badass, he was like "Leave her to me, you stand there and watch", pfft yeah right like who are you supposed to be, anyway, we started out battle, I owned that motherf.. Ahm let's stay polite 😇, so I was winning but obviously when that happens, the others would step in, and they did..

I knew that I was so dead, it's three on one now and I don't have the strength to fight them all at once, I tried my best but they were winning, my attacks wouldn't work completely because I would have to stop attacking to dodge their attacks, and so on it continued on this base until I was out of options.

I saw grins on their faces as they were declaring victory, and when they were going to finish me off I saw sand crawling up their bodies until it surrounded them completely, I saw how their eyes are suddenly full of fear, they pleaded for mercy but it was useless, the sand crushed them to their deaths, I wasn't even able to be afraid and I couldn't care about what happened to them, I was too weak, and before I passed out, I remember seeing a boy with red hair, and gorgeous blue and green eyes surrounded with black, and two others beside him, they were standing in a small distance.

I don't remember how the two others looked like, I was already busy staring at the boy xD, he is my just my type.

I passed out, then woke up the next day and found my self sleeping next to the two I saw with the boy the other day, under a tree.

It was still at night time, I looked around and I saw the red haired boy sitting away watching the moon and the starts, damn he looked hot, anyway, I went over and sat next to him.

"Hello, I just want to thank you for saving my ass, I was helpless back there. I wonder however, why didn't you kill me too? Not that I wanna die *laughs nervously* but ah.. it's kinda strange" I said.
" I was looking for people to kill and found them. So I didn't do that to save you... Well at first." he answered.
" At first? What do you mean by that? And why would you want to kill people?" I asked.
" You talk too much.." he said. then continued " But are you saying that you haven't heard of me?" He asked.
" No not really.. I hear a lot of people talking about others but I just avoid listening, I know that people just talk sh*t about others and it's never true, so I keep myself from that to give myself a chance to judge others on my own" I replied.

Wow.. I've never heard anyone talk like her, she's different and I kinda like that. Anyway I'm really glad she didn't hear about me, other wise.... I wonder if she would act the same as everyone..

" Now that I'm curious about you, let me hear from you what people say about you" I said.
He explained to me that people always are afraid of him for having a monster sealed inside of him, and that this monster has him act in a certain way that would make people get scared, and make him feel in a need to kill to satisfy it's blood lust.. so on.

" But that doesn't mean you're a bad person... It's not something you can control right? You can't get rid of the monster and you didn't choose to have him sealed within you, right? " I said.
"Y-yeah but-" He said then was inturupted.
" Then why do you even care about what people say? You know it's not right, and besides who are they to decide who you are? " I said then continued " I know it's hard, to be on your own and all.. It really sucks, to feel like you're not wanted around.. But giving them a reason to not want you around isn't really the solution, you need to find a way to show them what an amazing and wonderful person you are, but then again, you don't have to do it.. you can't make everyone happy, just be good and they will have nothing to charge against you, and in the end they will leave you alone..-"

And then something shut my lips interrupting me, no not his hands, they were his lips. He... kissed me.

Then he pulled back quickly blushing and panicking " I-I'm so sorry! Please forgive me I.. couldn't help it...
But I must say, thank you. You made my day.. And I'll try, thanks for the advice.
By the way, I'm Gaara of the sand. What's your name?" He said.

I was still shocked from what happened, my heart was beating like hell, I felt heat on my cheeks, it took me a couple of minutes to understand what he just said.

Then I felt it took me long enough to answer, damn that was awkward but I liked it.
" My name is (f/n) (l/n), from the leaf village" I answered asap xD.
He looked over and smiled " I like your name, it's cute" my cheeks became more red.
" T-thank you.. I like yours" I said back pulling a smile with teeth on my face for 2 secs then I noticed him stare at me, I got nervous and looked away..

I didn't understand how I felt until now.. after all I never felt that way ever towards anyone.

We continued that night to have small cute chats until I got tired.
" I'm really tired.. You should sleep too, you need all the energy you could get" I said.
" I don't sleep.. If I do the demon would take over me. You go ahead and sleep it's not much longer until the sun rises. Sweet dreams" he replied.
That made me feel bad for him but.. I guess he's used to staying up all night :/. So I went and slept..

*I sighed* What a sweet memory to have, I thought to myself, and I was almost there, thinking about the smallest details made the time go fast for me.

I kept going for not too long and gates of the sand appeared in front of me.
" Well that went better than excepted" I said to myself and walked towards the gates.

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