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Kole POV

My mom wanted me to get some more butter from the mini mart across the woods. At night. Does she not care that a rapist might get me? Oh well, I'm fine, I think. I took the long way and got the $3 butter. Pricey much. It would take too long to take the long way, I'm just gonna go through the woods. My mom told me not to, but what's so horrible that's out there. I walked out of the mart and faced the eerie woods.

I stepped across the border line to the woods and a chill came over me, I shivered. I started at a slow pace, but every-time I would hear a sound I would pick up my pace. Maybe my mom was right, the woods are dangerous. At this time I was speed walking. I slowed because up ahead I could see light, maybe I was near houses. As I got closer the light turned redder.

I was 10 feet away from it now, and it was defiantly not house lights. It was 2 giant red eyes, with claws the size of a metal rod. It just stood there in the shadows. In most movies people would either check it out or stay frozen, but not me. I ran for my bloody life. I zig zagged through trees and jumped over and ducked under branches. I finally saw my small house and ripped open the door, slammed and locked it behind me, threw the butter in the freezer and dashed up my stairs to my room.

I closed and locked my bedroom door behind me. I sat up against it. That 'thing' was defiantly not human. I just realized something, my friends have been in those woods at night with me and we saw nothing, but this one night when I was alone, I saw that thing. If that thing wasn't normal neither was I.

Ooooo. What could I be? Next chapter out soon. Bye my CooCoo birds and keep soarin.

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