After the shouting and commotion began thanks to Calum, Luke whisked me away to the balconey so I could be away from it. Somehow, he knows I don't tell confrontation well.

"They're in big trouble, huh?" He asks beside me, we stand side by side. Looking over the beautiful view.

"Yeah...even though its not that big of a deal. Ya know?" I say,

"Is Princess Innocence herself defending the guilty?" He jokes,

I laugh,"I'm not all innocent! But Princess sounds nice. And to answer your question, yes. Yes. I. Am. " I say proudly. He smiles at me.

"Oh? And how so? Give me your best argument."

"Well they've been together for a long time. And not only has he treated her right, he's taken care of me when the whole," I sigh shaking my head. Not wanting to get frustrated,"When the whole 'boyfriend cheats on girl' thing happened. He's not just with her to get in her pants. He's with her because he loves her. And Daddy knows that. Dad is just hot blooded." I say and cross my arms.

"Are you, 'hot blooded'?"

I lean my back on the balcony," Not really. I've never exploded like Dad does. I'm more of a person who keeps things bottled up until the bottle finally breaks and the water spills out smoothly. " I say through a breath,

" don't scream and yell and get angry, you just...break, and...cry?" His voice cracks as he speaks, as if he's trying to process. I look at him,

"Precisely." I say, almost silent.

He keeps his gaze on the buildings ahead of him, "That's not good, Ariana." He says seriously. I tilt my head,

"What do you mean?" I bite my lip,

He takes a breath, and laughs a dry laugh. A hurt laugh."You can only fix something so many times before it breaks beyond repair. The world we're in, breaking an innocent girl isn't hard. Especially when she's famous, and her feelings get hurt easily."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that you can't just bottle everything up like it doesn't hurt you. Because it obviously does. I knew girl just like you once." He bites his lip,

"Once?" I ask quietly.

"Yeah," he nods, "Once."

The air fills with a comfortable silence for what seems like ages, and its bliss. The only sound was the wind blowing, and the chatter of the streets below.

"Well," I speak up and turn to him, "I can promise you that innocent little Ariana isn't as innocent as she seems. It's time I grow up. " I say, pressing my fist to his shoulder once with a smile, I walk back inside.

He has no idea.


After a somewhat awkward lunch, Dad wanted Emmy and I to run to the mall and get a few things for them.  Arm and arm, and with Paul with us, Emmy and I walked down the streets of L.A. The mall was not far from the hotel at all.

It was a windy day, but the wind wasn't too bothersome. We walk into the mall and walk around, looking at all the wonderful things while getting the stuff Dad needed.

"You know, there is a really good Salon next door.." Emmy spoke up. I looked at her, and she smiled down at me.

"Oh?" I say, as we make our way to the exit of the Mall.

"Yeah...I heard Beyonce goes there. " she giggles,

I smile, "Uncle Paul?" I ask,

"Yes ma'am?" He asks smiling.

"Would it be okay if we make one more stop at the salon next door?"

He chuckles, "I'm following you girls."

Emmy and I share a smile and walk to the salon, it wasn't busy at all. There was three ladies getting their hair done, and another was waiting and reading a magazine.

"Oh my God, do my eyes deceive me? Emaline Tomlinson and Ariana Styles?" A large lady with a big smile approaches us, we smile at each other before her,

"Yea ma'am," we say together, smiling.

"What can I do for the two most beautiful girls in the world?" She smiles and gestures us to a salon seat.



It's been awhile since the girls left, and its kinda been an awkward quiet. Ashton, Calum and I sat on the balcony, talking about non sense. I laugh at something Ashton says,

Mikey slides open the door, "Oh Lukey, you might wanna see what just walked in. " he wiggles his eyebrows before going back inside.

The lads and I share silent looks before we make a run for it inside, and of course I'm last inside.


"Gorgeous!" Ashton and Calum speak at the sight ahead of us, by the name of Ariana.

I was speechless. Though she only changed her hair, she looked so different. I couldn't find any words so I just stared at her. She met my eyes and smiled, and I smiled back.

That Kaleb kid hasn't a clue what he let slip through his fingers. And I plan that once I make this angel mine, I will not let her go.


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